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Verified Patients Reviews on Eye Surgery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain by Miranza Clinica Muinos

Calle Emilio Serra Fernández de Moratín, 6-A, 38006, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Islands
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About Miranza Cl

Miranza Clínica Muiños is the best medical center for the Eye Surgery in Tenerife, Spain. You can get best treatment for Eyelid Surgery, Cataract Surgery, and Glaucoma Surgery at Miranza Clínica Muiños. Feel free to compare and find your treatment options in Miranza.

Real Testimonials Feedback on Eye Surgery in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

  • Kine

    Excellent treatment, thanks to Rosa Rivero who at all times carried out her work with great professionalism and human quality, excellent professionals, greetings.

    Google Nov 29 2021
  • Pedro

    I had myopia surgery with the PRK technique with Dr. Muinos and great.
    Recovery is the most uncomfortable, as in all operations, but in 7 days almost recovered and in a matter of 1 month approx. perfect vision.
    In addition, the treatment is excellent both by the administrative staff and by the doctor.
    I recommend it 100%.

    Google Nov 30 2021
  • Margarita

    Good afternoon! Today November 18. Dr. Muinos and his team have cared for my husband, whom I have accompanied. Congratulate them for the great professionalism. Thanking the attention received. Good treatment for the public. I recommend 100% this clinic in s c de Tenerife. All the best

    Google Dec 01 2021
  • Laura

    Good treatment and professionalism by the whole team.

    Google Dec 07 2021
  • Lucia

    Excellent service and treatment are very professional in everything they do. Highly recommended

    Google Jan 05 2022

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