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Verified Patients Reviews on Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Florida by Thrive MD Clinic

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Thrive MD provides best Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Florida. Book online now Regenerative Medicine for Hip, Regenerative Medicine for Knee, and Regenerative Medicine for Shoulder at Thrive MD.

Real Testimonials Feedback on Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Florida

  • Elina S

    "I visited Miami Wellness and Doctor Telleria with a lot of hip and leg pain. After the first injection, the pain went down nearly 50%. Today I was given a second of three injections. I would recommend him to anyone who has back or hip pain. Thank you Doctor Telleria."

    Thrive MD Nov 29 2021
  • Gloria C

    "Great Doctor, very nice to his patients. I am an elderly person and his has a lot of patience and care a lot. I had a lot of pain on my that was had for me to walk and he gave me an injection on my back and the next day most of my pain was gone. He is amazing. I highly recommend him."

    Thrive MD Jan 07 2022
  • Victorina P

    "Doctor Telleria is a very special doctor. From 1 to 10, he's a 10, and his entire staff is marvelous. I came for sciatica/lumbar pain and was treated with injections. I've been with Doctor Telleria for a long time, and his new office is beautiful. I've recommended him to many friends and family."

    Thrive MD Dec 15 2021
  • Gabriel J

    "I have severe back pain that is being treated with injections. It is going well and the pain has reduced by 75%. The care that the doctor and rest of the staff gives is very professional and dedicated. The office is 5 star."

    Thrive MD Oct 04 2021