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Dr. Elias Garcia

Dr. Elias Garcia Reviews

Mexicali, Mexico

Fco. I Madero #2010 Col. Nueva. Mexicali, Baja California Mexico.

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3 Reviews

  • Lydia
    (5 out of 5) Dr. Elias Garcia

    My name is Lydia Trasviña two years ago I made the decision to have surgery for medical reasons, at 35 years old I weighed 126.5 kg, I was hypertensive and I was already taking medication to control my blood pressure, I had problems with glucose levels, so I went to see Dr. Garcia Flores because I wanted to perform a Bariatric surgery. I had the gastric sleeve, I can personally say that it went very well, I did not have any complications, the first few days you feel a little discomfort, I can say that it went very well. I lost 50 kg. I currently weigh 76 kg. One does not get to see the limitations you have for your daily life until you no longer have those kilos on you, everything is better, you are able to go without fear to buy me clothes, I buy the ones I like and not the ones that fit me. Your self-esteem goes up, when I see myself in a mirror I'm already glad.


  • Adriana A
    (5 out of 5) Dr. Elias Garcia

    Excellent doctor!


  • Al R
    (5 out of 5) Dr. Elias Garcia

    The doctor. Elias garcia flores, is an expert in the subject and a professianal in all aspects the best dr. What does mexicali bc, mx have?


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