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Dr. Bao Dental Clinic in Danang, Vietnam Reviews from Real Patients

77 Ly Nhan Tong Street, Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam.
77 Ly Nhan Tong Street, Cam Le District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam.
Focus Area: Dr. Bao Dental Clinic | Da Nang, Vietnam | Tooth fillings | Tooth extraction | Root canal | Teeth whitening | Dental veneers | Dental implants | Traditional braces | Clear aligners | Invisalign

About Dr. Bao Dental Clinic

Dr Bao Dental Clinic is located in Da Nang a coastal city in Central Vietnam. We offers a full range of general and specialist dental services to local and international patients. The clinic was established by Dr.Quoc Bao and Dr.Y Nhi from the August of 2017, both of them are highly qualified dentists and speak English

Dentistry Reviews in Danang, Vietnam at Dr. Bao Dental Clinic

  • Tri P

    Dr Bao was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He was able to fit me in on short notice, and I am extremely happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr Bao and his team! Thank you.

    Dr. Bao Dental Clinic Dec 02 2022
  • Alex S

    Unless I missed something and Da Nang is the dental capital of the world, I assume it’s the best clinic in town. Fast, clean, painless, professional, affordable. I couldn’t wish for a better service. I’m cured of my toothache and my irrational fear of dentists. Thanks, Dr. Bao!

    Dr. Bao Dental Clinic Dec 27 2022
  • Nabil N

    Experienced staff and doctor. Came for a teeth whitening and clean. Great prices and service!

    Dr. Bao Dental Clinic Nov 23 2022
  • Peter G

    After researching dentists in Da Nang, I came across Dr. Bao. Not knowing one dentist from another, I trusted his reviews and gave him an opportunity. To put it simply, Dr. Bao is the man! He charges a fair price and does excellent work. His staff are professional and courteous as well. Top notch facilities, equal to Western standards. Do not hesitate, make an appointment now!

    Dr. Bao Dental Clinic Dec 14 2022
  • Mikel S

    I am from Switzerland and have been to Dr. Bao had 2 implants, several fillings and whitening done. In a direct comparison to Switzerland, I can say that the quality of the work is on the same level. The service and the considerate way of treating Dr. Bao on a much higher level here. The prices are extremely fair and transparent. During the first consultation, everything is clearly listed with prices and a plan is drawn up. All in all a perfect treatment. Thanks very much!

    Dr. Bao Dental Clinic Jan 05 2023

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