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  • Dr. P N
    (3 out of 5) Franklin, TN

    Do not go to Dario unless u live close by. I made two trips to his practice from Tennessee USA and had four implants and a bridge. All four implants placed in March of 2016 came loose due to technical mistakes within ten days of each other in October 2016. A board certified oral surgeon who specializes in dental implants in Jacksonville FL took full mouth CT X-rays and showed me why each implant failed. Crown too large, implant too short or too small, no bone graft placed in maxillary sinus to build up enuf bone to accept proper length insert. The bridge chipped three weeks after returning home first visit. Dario repaired on second visit in March and the repair chipped off again in a month. When I informed Dario of all this recently and inquired about guarantee he replied by email that I had to come to him so he could verify. Well with four crowns spinning around in my mouth on vacation in Florida and unable to chew or eat I had to spend $1500 to have them all removed so nothing to see. Did Dario request a copy of the X-rays and records from oral surgeon? No. seems he was only interested in his cash payment and not learning if he did anything wrong or the welfare of his patient. Buyer beware.
    As the saying goes good dentistry isn't cheap and cheap dentistry is not necessarily good. No wonder dentists in Costa Rica have no malpractice insurance.


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