What Is The Average Price Of Liposuction Treatment In Thailand?

Liposuction In Thailand

What Is The Average Price Of Liposuction Treatment In Thailand?

The scenario of medical tourism is rapidly changing in Thailand and it has emerged as a new hub of medical tourism in recent years. The average price of Liposuction treatment in Thailand is around $3,000. The approximate price range for the procedure is between $1,300 and $8750. If you are looking for the best treatment at affordable price, this is the right place. A lot of people visit Thailand every year to get world class treatment at a cheaper cost and you will find plenty of world class clinics to get your treatment from.

Factors That Affect the Price of Liposuction Treatment in Thailand  

One should be careful about the associated factors that can affect the cost of liposuction treatment in Thailand and it is suggested to the readers to consider these factors before booking any appointment. Associated factors include:

  • Body type
  • Age
  • Area of treatment
  • Physical condition
  • Previous surgeries
  • Quality of materials
  • Experience of the cosmetic surgeons
  • Facilities

What Should Be Expected From The Liposuction Treatment In Thailand?  

Thailand is considered as one of the most reliable destinations to get top-rated healthcare facilities. The best thing about receiving the treatment here in Thailand is that you can get the treatment from renowned doctors and medical staffs at the clinics. 

How Much You Can Save By Receiving The Treatment In Thailand?

Usually the cost of liposuction surgery is more than $10,000 in the developed countries whereas the average price of the same treatment ranges within $1300-$8750 in Thailand. Patients can save hundreds of dollars by getting the treatment in Thailand.

Approximate Cost of Different Cosmetic Surgery Solutions in Thailand  

Tummy Tuck $3,800

Other Costs to Consider

One should keep an eye on the other expenses as well. Other expenses can affect the cost of treatment and therefore it is suggested to consider other expenses such as;

  • Hotel and accommodation
  • Foods and drinks
  • Cost of Transportation
  • Travel insurance

These are some of the expenses that can affect your cost of Liposuction in Thailand and our suggestion is to consider the cost before booking an appointment. You can get the free quotations anytime and it will help you calculate the cost easily.

What Is The Average Price Of Liposuction Treatment In Thailand?


Thailand is the largest medical tourism hub… quality of care, low prices and easy travel by low cost airlines makes it a popular overseas health care destination for people who are seeking comprehensive medical exams, dental work and cosmetic surgery treatment abroad. Thailand offers irresistible and breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, renowned hospitality, exotic cuisine and pristine beaches.

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Cheapest price in Thailand is $1500. Average cost $1500, where prices can go as high as $1500. PlacidWay Medical Tourism provides cost comparison of in Thailand. Explore prices worldwide.

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