TRSC has served more than 3000 international patients to date. We have patients traveling from USA, UK, Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the neighboring countries in Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

A recent TRSC research showed that nearly 30% of our patients are international visitors to Thailand. It can be categorized into 2 groups of patients. First are the patients who are traveling to Bangkok for a combined visit for leisure and LASIK at TRSC and the other group is traveling to Bangkok only for LASIK treatment due to our reputation, great service and lower cost. Most of these are referrals from past patients who are very satisfied with the results of their LASIK treatments.

Majority of our international patients have chosen TRSC for the LASIK surgery as we are refractive surgery specialists. TRSC does not provide a wide-range of eye treatments as do hospitals or other private clinics. TRSC has become very skilled in this regard due to such a narrow focus. Apart from LASIK, we also provide other means of vision correction such as PRK, NV LASIK, Phakic IOL and cataract surgery. Depending on patient eye measurements, some of the following other vision correction options may better suited for patients. The surgeon will be able to provide more information as to which procedure is right for you. 

Over the last few years Thailand has become a hub for medical tourists from all around Asia and the rest of the world. A TRSC study showed that our international patients travel to TRSC for LASIK treatment due to various reasons. The two most important being the experience of the surgeon, and the price. We offer LASIK at at fraction of the cost back home with the same or better medical equipment and technology  Services are of excellent quality and we can be available at short notice unlike, long waiting lists for surgery in western countries with government-regulated healthcare.

Patients also come to Thailand from all over the world not just for LASIK at TRSC, but they can combine other medical services in Bangkok on the same trip. As an added bonus, they can enjoy the holidays in the beautiful country of Thailand for the same cost that will pay for only the treatment back home.

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