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Location : 93/339 3 floor The empolio place building, sukhumvit 24 road Bangkok, Thailand 10330

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Nirunda Infinity Skin Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Advanced Non CAL

Stem Cell Fat Transfer Face/Breast

in Bangkok, Thailand

CAL Stem Cell Lipo Fat Transfer in Thailand

Are your minor imperfections becoming unbearable?

Innovative Fat Cell Transfer can make you look younger and better!

Get the look you always wanted using stem cells!

Stem Cell Fat Transfer in Bangkok Thailand

Even if cosmetic procedures have gone a long way and improved over the years, the primary resource for a young and healthy appearance is inside our own bodies.

All the satisfied men and women who have gone to Nirunda Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand for physical enhancements have seen the great results of the fat transfer procedure!

CAL Stem Cell Therapy for Fat Transfer in Bangkok Thailand Fat transfer procedure is performed by using our own body fat to restore a good look to our face, hands, breasts, buttocks and other body areas. These results are now further enhanced by using the body's stem cells.

These regenerative cells can differentiate into specialized cell types, and self-renew to produce more stem cells.

The secret is the ability of stem cells to repair damaged tissue and generate new cells and damaged cells are instructed to repair themselves and assist in the healing process,thus reducing the scars and enhancing the areas where they are injected.

Stem Cells Derived from Body Fat Transfer in Bangkok Thailand

Benefits of stem cells in fat transfer:

CAL Cell Assisted Lipo Transfer Cosmetic Procedure in Bangkok Thailand

  • New blood vessels growto feed the fat due to stem cells

  • Anti-inflammatory agents are released to help healing

  • Growth factors are generated and released that will later support graft survival

  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation

  • No allergic or adverse reaction


CAL Cell Assisted Lipo Transfer Cosmetic Procedure in Bangkok Thailand1

How does the stem cell fat transfer work?

Fat is first extracted under local anesthesia using liposuction in order to perform stem cell fat transfers. The fat is placed into a centrifuge to isolate the stem cells, which will be concentrated and improved.

Stem cells are then reintegrated with the fat, which will be inserted in the desired areas. Stem cell inclusion in the fat transfer procedure will enhance the natural results.

Fat transfer procedure is made using only local anesthesia and is non-surgical, minimally-invasive and with little discomfort which mean the recovery time after this procedure will be minimal and all normal activities can be started the next day.

Because the fat is derived from your own body, there is no risk of allergic reaction and the procedure will make you feel more confident and have greater self-esteem after.

Stem Cell Therapy for Fat Transfer Price

Surgeons at Nirunda have years of experience in the plastic surgery area are glad to help you have the perfect body you deserve and a healthy and vivid life.

The stem cell fat transfer procedure is safe, clean and fully restores the patient's self-esteem in a short period of time, allowing him to be better appreciated among friends and newly acquainted people.

This procedure has helped a lot of people in need, now it's your turn to change your life!

Fat Transfer Procedure

Benefit now from Stem Cell Fat Transfer in Thailand.

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Fat Transfer Stem Cell Method



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