Are you ?Hungry? for a new smile?

Medical tourism is a growing trend among Americans, Canadians, and Europeans who are looking for medical procedures that cost less money and can be scheduled right away.  However, have you heard of dental tourism?  Dental Tourism involves traveling to another location to seek affordable dental care, dental treatment, surgery or dental procedures, which are normally expensive in one's own country.  A flat world, disappearing borders, and the ease of travel today make dental tourism easily accessible and attractive from anywhere.


While the exact statistics on dental tourism aren't available, it is estimated that over one million people from around the world travel to get dental treatment such as cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns, and root canals abroad.  There are a number of countries such as India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Hungary, Panama, South Africa, and Mexico that are marketing low-cost, high-quality dental services to medical tourists.


Dental tourism is rapidly growing in the United States due to the fact that over 108 million Americans and 25 million American children lack dental insurance.  As children grow to be adults they may have a number of serious dental problems that need significant dental attention.  Poor dental care can lead to serious health problems.  The lack of dental insurance compels us to pay outrageously high dental bills from our pocket for even the simplest of procedures.  To address cost, availability, and quality, dental tourism is gaining momentum as low cost, high-quality alternative.


Even if you have medical or dental insurance and want a dental implant or any cosmetic dental procedure, you may find that your dental insurance at work does not cover a high-priced dental implants or dental cosmetic services.  If you look at the fine print, you will find that most employers offer dental insurance that only offers routine dental coverage as part of a package of health benefits.


Hungary is one of the leading destinations for high-quality and low cost dental care.  Europeans, particularly the British, Germans and Austrians, have traveled to Hungary for years to save money on dental care.  Americans have been going across the border to Costa Rica and Mexico for decades for bargain deals on dental prosthetics, affordable dental implants, discounts on dental crowns, bridges, veneers, filings, among other dental procedures.  


Dental tourism offers many benefits to consumers.  Dental services are often cheaper abroad then they are at home.  The dental clinics have state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment that you will see in any advanced clinic in US or Europe.  The dentists at these clinics are well educated and trained from top schools and esteemed professional organizations.  Many dental clinics abroad will work with your schedule to ensure quick and quality access to care.  In addition to new smile, there are packages that combine dental care with exciting travel opportunities. 


You can get the smile you have always wanted tomorrow, at just a fraction of the price it might cost you locally.  In addition, you can take a relaxing vacation to an exotic country.  When traveling to another country for dental care, you must make sure that you are educated on your options and the choices you will make are informed ones.  If you are interested in finding more out about places to visit and booking your dental tourism destination, please visit for a comprehensive list of options.