Villa Donatello offers Green Light Laser for Prostate Cancer Patients in Florence, Italy

Villa Donatello offers Green Light Laser for Prostate Cancer Patients in Florence, Italy

One of PlacidWay’s partner medical center - Villa Donatello now offers Green Light Laser for international patients. Green Light Laser uses high-powered laser light with fiber optic technology to eliminate abnormal prostate cell growth. It is the gold standard treatment for bladder obstruction caused by prostate cancer.

Denver, CO, USA 27 July 2015: Villa Donatello, a renowned multispecialty institute in Florence, Italy that offers arthroscopic, video-laparoscopic as well as orthopedic microsurgery, announced that they are offering Green Light Laser for Prostate Cancer. Green Light Laser, also referred to as photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP), is a minimally invasive treatment that utilizes high-powered laser light with fiber optic technology to vanish overgrown prostate cells that blocks the patient’s urinary flow.

What is Green Light Laser?

“When an urologist uses Green Light Laser on the prostate, a cystoscope (tube with light) is inserted to the urethra to the prostate so that intense light emissions from the fiber are absorbed by the patient’s blood. In moments, the blood’s temperature causes the nearby cells to disappear without causing damage to surrounding blood vessels and soft tissues – that’s why aside from being effective and fast, it is completely safe,” explains Ing. Lorenzo Bifone, President of Villa Donatello.

“Since Green Light was introduced, it slowly became the alternative to a procedure called transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), says Dr. Nicola Mondaini, Urologist at Villa Donatello. Although TURP also uses a tube (resectoscope) to trim excess prostate tissue that's blocking the urinary canal, urologists and patients sought shorter recovery times, faster results, and less long-term side-effects, leading to the development of Green Light Laser, “Dr. Mondaini explains further.

What are the benefits of using Green Light?

“According to the research on Green Light’s effectiveness, it is at par with TURP in terms of efficiency and relief of BPH symptoms such as comfort of urinary flow,” says Ing. Bifone. 

“Based on our trainings with renowned urologist and lecturer Dr. Giovanni Ferrari, we believe that the future for prostate care will be green light laser,” Dr. Antonio Costanzi also a Urologist at Villa Donatello chides. “There are a lot of advantages in using this technique compared to traditional methods. You will be amazed with the technical accuracy, speed of execution and effectiveness of this new treatment,” says Dr. Costanzi. “With the Green Light Laser, there is no bleeding and the complete removal of the adenoma inside the prostate improves the patient’s urine flow without undergoing surgery after 2-3 years. Also patients are discharged the next day without placing a catheter, “explains Dr. Costanzi.

According to a research conducted by urologists from the King's College Hospital in London who explained their experience using Green Light Laser for 43 patients, the study revealed that it (Green Light) “is very safe and gives excellent relief from symptoms, with a good improvement in peak flow rate.”

Aside from these benefits, patients who used Green Light Laser can:

  • Resume their regular activities in 2 - 3 days with care
  • Return to physical activity level in 4 - 6 weeks
  • Have lesser episodes of bleeding
  • Merely 30% of patients require a post-op catheter
  • Be discharged on the same day!
  • There are mild complications which occur infrequently
  • Post-operative impotence is not a complication
  • Retrograde (backward) ejaculation is least likely
  • Erectile Dysfunction is not usual for patients
  • Urine flow is improved urine for long-term
  • Rarer symptoms of urinary obstruction

Green Light Laser for Prostate Cancer Patients

Who can be candidates for this procedure?

When asked who can greatly benefit from the Green Light Laser, Dr. Mondaini explains that “only your urologist can conclude if you can be a good candidate, based on your medical history and physical assessment, as well as his clinical judgment.” He also reiterates that there should be laboratory tests for blood & urine, and urologic assessment are also required to determine if a patient is a good candidate for Green Light Laser. Individuals who have Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate can also be a good candidate aside from men who have prostate cancer.

“Prostate cancer along with other types such as Breast and Lung Cancer, are among the top diseases that international patients travel abroad for treatment. Providing a breakthrough technology such as Green Light Laser can provide an effective option for men who have this medical concern, explains Mr. Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay. “Especially nowadays when surgical treatments are designed to be minimally-invasive, fast, with lesser bleeding and complications, the more patients are going to avail of the treatment, concludes Mr. Goel.

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