Transgender surgery in Thailand - Gender Reassignment Surgery 

Thanks to modern technology and medical procedures, but also to changes in constitution which make things easier, Thailand has become a hub for those who do not wish to be trapped in their own bodies. Sex change surgery, transgender surgery, gender reassignment surgery or sex reassignment surgery (srs) are alternate names for the same procedure which can change a person's life forever.

In many countries sex change is a taboo subject and surgery for sex change can be very expensive.  However, recent studies have showed that more and more transgendered people are not willing to suffer remaining in the sex of their birth, choosing the possibility of traveling to a foreign country to have the much-wanted surgery.

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According to a research paper, on the Calculation of the Prevalence of Transsexualism, by Femke Oyslager and Lynn Conway, one in 500,000 males and one in 2 million females have sought sex change surgery.  Other researchers are estimating that this number is rapidly going up by 14% every year.

Gender reassignment surgery might be regarded as the earliest medical travel niche market in Thailand, a model for the later development of medical travel in the country. Gender reassignment surgery was first practiced in Thailand in the 1970s and in the 1990s international patients began traveling to Thailand in larger numbers to seek sex change surgery. Thai surgeons were quickly recognized as being cheaper and more technically sophisticated compared to surgeons working in North America and Europe.

Which Gender Reassignment Surgery in Thailand Offers?

Two types of gender reassignment surgeries offered in Thailand.

  • Male to Female Sex Change
  • Female to Male Sex Change

Cost of Transgender Surgery in Thailand

Transgender Surgery in Thailand cost ranges between $7000 to $14000 for gender reassignment surgery. The price for a male to female surgery in Thailand starts from $7,000 including the price  for the surgery, skin graft, 5 days hospital stay and post operative care. For the female to male surgery, which is more complex, the price starts at $14,000 including surgery costs, 10 days in hospital, VIP nursing care, consultation fess and post operative care. the final price is depends upon the clinic you choose.


Gender Reassignment Surgery Cost


$7000 - $14000


$16990 - $27000

United Kingdom

$17590 - $30000

Note: Price can change depends on complexity of procedures and person conditions. For more information about cot of Transgender Surgery in Thailand, contact our customer representative.

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Sex change is one of the most chosen procedures by international patients. No wonder Thailand is considered the Global Sex Change Capital. It is not only the law which encourages such surgeries, but also the affordable prices and amazing results of the procedure. Many of Thailand's top surgeons give symposiums sharing their knowledge with other physicians from all over the world.

Transgender tourists come not only from neighboring countries, but also from the US, the UK, Canada, Europe and Australia.  Gender reassignment surgical tourism in Thailand caters mostly to trans women, that is men who which to become women.  Male to female genital surgery is easier, less expensive and generally more successful than female to male surgery. That's one reason why fewer women choose to have surgery on their genitals

Best Thailand Transgender Surgery Hospitals



V Plast Clinic

V Plast Clinic Thailand


Bangkok Plastic Surgery BPS Clinic

BSP Clinic Thailand

Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee Clinic Thailand

The Art Clinic

The ARt Clinic

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Details of Thailand Transgender Surgery Hospitals

Guide to Leading Transgender Sex Change Surgery Centers in Thailand

Explore Thailand's top five specialized centers for gender reassignment surgery (SRS), recognized for their surgical expertise, patient-focused care, and innovative practices.

1. V Plast Clinic, Pattaya

This clinic is celebrated for its modern facilities and a seasoned team of surgeons. They adopt a comprehensive approach to surgical procedures, integrating cutting-edge techniques with extensive post-surgery care, ensuring a supportive journey for patients.

2. Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

Situated in central Bangkok, this clinic features a team of globally-trained surgeons adept in SRS. Their services range from initial consultations to post-surgery care, with a strong emphasis on safety and patient satisfaction.

3. Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee Hospital is acclaimed as a premier medical center specializing in gender reassignment surgery. The surgical team is noted for their technical skill and ethical standards, providing a secure and inclusive environment for patients.

4. The Art Clinic, Bangkok and Pattaya

Renowned for its personalized surgical approach, The Art Clinic in both Bangkok and Pattaya focuses on customizing each procedure to meet individual needs. They blend medical expertise with an artistic perspective on gender transition, ensuring a balance of aesthetic and medical considerations.

These centers are chosen for their exceptional contribution to gender reassignment surgery in Thailand, demonstrating a mix of technical prowess, empathetic patient care, and a dedicated focus on the well-being of their patients.

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What is Sex Change Surgery?

Sex change surgery can be of two types: male to female and female to male. For a man, the procedure is accomplished through orchidectomy (removal of testicles) and vaginoplasty (creation of vagina from the skin and foreskin of the penis). Other procedures are needed such as breast implants, facial feminization surgery, voice femonization surgery, tracheal shave, buttock augmentation, besides hormone replacement therapy (Estrogen and anti-androgens are given to men to help change their skin and fat distribution and musculature).

For a woman the procedure is more complex because her uterus, ovaries and vagina are removed, creating the penis from either her vaginal tissue, or extra intestinal tissue in a procedure called penectomy. Mastectomy is also needed and the hormone replacement therapy (Androgens will help them develop secondary male sex characteristics such as a beard and body hair).

Once the surgery is performed it cannot be reversed.  That is why depending on the country, or regulations of its medical profession, an individual seeking a sex change may be required to have psychiatric or psychological assessment.  He or she may also be required to live for a period of time as a member of the opposite sex before being approved for surgery. Thailand does not have the regulatory framework for assessing GRS candidates under the rubric of gender identity disorder, most medical experts on gender variance  regarding psychiatric evaluation for GRS as unnecessary.

Does the Thai law encourage sex change operations?

Does the Thai law encourage sex change operations?

Thailand is a country with one of the largest transgender populations in the world and surgeons who have pioneered cheap and quick sex change techniques (only two hours for a male to female sex surgery). Still, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to have this procedure, while men and women aged 18 to 20 need parental consent.

Thailand's new constitution might soon recognize and accept the so-called 'third gender'. The concept of three sexes is ancient in Thailand. Creation tales mention a woman and a man who had three children: a male, a female and a third sex, usually called ladyboy (or katoey), a man who chooses to live as a woman. As a Buddhist country, Thailand tolerates katoey, who are often accepted as part of society.

Why would someone choose Thailand for sex change surgery?

  • More than 50% cheaper compared to countries in the West.
  • Excellent, modern facilities and highly qualified practitioners.
  • No waiting lists 
  • Friendly service and population.
  • English speaking staff.
  • Quality aftercare that can include resort holidays and spa stays
  • The country offers many recreation and entertainment facilities especially for lesbian, gay and transgendered.
  • Thailand is friendly and tolerant to people who do not fit in with conventional sexual standards.

The quality of Thailand’s doctors and hospitals, low costs and hospitality of the Thai people make Thailand an ideal destination for transgender tourism.

PlacidWay is a medical tourism company that partners with the best Thai cosmetic clinics, in order to facilitate the best medical tourism experience for each and every patient. The company provides assistance with every detail of the journey and makes sure that people who undergo sex change surgery in Thailand will get the best out of this experience. 

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