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Is Your Dental Insurance Available in Mexico ? Top Tips on How to Use

Insurance for Dental Treatment Abroad

Is your Dental Insurance available in Mexico? Top Tips on How to Use

If you are from the US or Canada your dental insurance is available in Mexico. There are some dental clinics in Mexico that can directly bill your insurance company based on an insurance-by-insurance procedure, but the vast majority of dentists will only complete the paperwork and you will be the one to submit it to your insurance provider. Either way, the bright side is that you can benefit from amazing discounts for your dental work.

You are definitely covered in Mexico if you have one of these insurances:

  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield Dental
  • Cigna Dental Insurance
  • Delta Dental
  • United Concordia Dental Insurance
  • DentaMax
  • MetLife Dental or
  • Aetna Dental

How to use your American dental insurance in Mexico?

Step 1. Before going to Mexico call your insurance provider and ask if you are covered for the dental work you are about to have if you need pre-authorization, what are the requirements for the reimbursement and at what address you have to send the dental receipts.

Step 2. Check with the Mexican dental clinic if they know how to itemize dental services on a receipt in a format that is accepted by the American insurance company. They have to know the dental service codes required by your insurance company.

Step 3. Have your dental work done and then mail the receipt with your dental insurance account information to the address you have been provided. If you don’t hear from your insurer in a reasonable amount of time, call them for a status update.

Step 4. Enjoy your savings for your high-quality dental care. Besides the 60% - 70% you have already saved from choosing Mexico over the US, the insurance company will also pay a portion of the 40% - 30% you have to pay out of pocket.

Medical complications insurance

If negligence takes place, a dentist overseas and indeed the dental clinic may be legally responsible when it can be proved, as this is recognized as malpractice. However, malpractice is only one of the reasons why a dental treatment or surgery could go wrong. So, get insurance specifically created for medical complication is always worth every penny.

Additionally, you must know that on any dental treatment is challenging to demonstrate medical negligence. As a result, you will probably need to cover the total cost of the corrective treatment. Furthermore, remember that Medical Indemnity Insurance is not obligatory everywhere, and it may include just a limited amount of money or omit patients coming from abroad.

On the other hand, medical complications insurance offers you some cover when the first treatment went wrong and a second dental treatment must be done to correct the result.

Finally, an important clarification is that medical complications insurance is not same as medical negligence insurance; indeed, you will not be able to sue clinics, hospitals, dentists, doctors or medical tourism agencies if you want to do it no matter what happens during your treatment.

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2016-01-12 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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