How do I choose a dental clinic abroad?

Choosing your Right Dental Clinic Abroad

How do I choose a dental clinic abroad?

Getting dental treatment abroad can significantly help you save a lot of money. Dental travel is growing every day as there are hundreds of highly skilled professionals in private dental clinics who offer services across Latin America, Europe and the rest of the world.

But how can you find the right dental clinic for you? How can you get the dental treatment you need with the safety and quality of care similar to that of your home country? And how can you make sure that if something goes wrong you’ll be looked after? We hope you will find a few ideas that will help you select a dental clinic abroad.

Understand what you need from your dental clinic

Set-up an appointment with your local dentist so you’ll know the dental treatment you need. Will you need a restorative dental treatment or a cosmetic dental treatment to improve your teeth’s appearance? This step is crucial, since your local dentist has a good knowledge of what is your problem, and situation, so even if you cannot afford the treatment there, it is always useful before seeking treatment to another country.

The information your local dentist gives you is very helpful for you to learn more about the treatment you need. Before or after your consultation, do the research so you’ll know very well what to ask if you want to try dentists abroad. Also, you will easily learn to avoid cheap treatment packages.

Decide what your priorities are

The next step is deciding the priorities (what is important) for your dental treatment abroad. For example, if you are looking for the lowest price, then what country you choose is not really that important. Countries such as Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine, are not so known as tourism destinations but they do have dentistry clinics offering affordable packages for dental care.

On the other hand, maybe location is important since you are looking for enjoying your holiday with a few days in the sun. If that’s the case, then countries such as Spain, Turkey, Costa Rica or Cyprus are not only dental tourism destinations but they offer the excitement when you travel for sightseeing and an affordable high quality dental treatment.

Tips in Choosing your Dental Clinic Abroad

Do your homework

Once you decide what treatment you need and your priorities, then you can do the necessary research with a list of the possible dental clinics abroad. Look for their websites, try to see if they speak your language or just English, and take a look to the facilities’ photos and the resumes of the medical staff. Also, find out if they do have the treatment/specialty you need or not.

The clinics’ websites you select will give you an idea of the prices. Some websites do have a pricing section. If not, you can ask for a quote which is usually free and try to find out inclusions and exclusions on each package.Also, determine if there is hiding costs or if everything is clear. So, you can decide where you want to go based on comparing the packages prices and inclusions on various countries.

Also, looking for useful material on standards from international organizations such as is always a good idea:

  • The FDI World Dental Federation
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • International Society of Computerized Dentistry
  • International Association of Orthodontists
  • World Federation of Orthodontists
  • International College of Dentists

Check the local regulations

Knowing about the local regulations for dental treatments in the country of your choice will help you find amazing dental clinics with all their regulations up to date. This way you will find registered clinics by the governing body or national association in the country of your choice. Learn about your rights on that country, how to proceed if you have complaints and what can you do legally if anything goes wrong. These national associations also have lists with recommended dentists and dental clinics allowing you to choose right more easily.

For example, in Europe, you can find out how dental care is registered if you visit the Council of European Dentists’ website. This site has the information from 32 countries, and it represents 330,000 dentists.

Questions to ask every clinic

Once you created the dental clinics shortlist, there is a list of questions you should ask to know you are going to get safe and high quality dental care worth the money you’re paying. These questions include:

  • Does the dental clinic staff speak your language or do they have a translator?
  • Can they show you some pictures and testimonials from previous patients?
  • How skilled they are in the treatment you need? How long have they been performing it? Do they hold enough experience?
  • Is the success rate/satisfaction rate with this treatment high?
  • Can they show you their record on infections and complications?
  • Is the dentist qualified and experienced enough to treat you?
  • Do they have a national association of dentistry membership?
  • Do they have insurance? How does it affect you? How much do they cover?
  • Does your dental treatment have a guarantee?  If yes, how long does the guarantee last?
  • If the result is not what you expected, who will pay for it? Will you still have to pay?
  • Will you have to return for further treatment?
  •  Are they willing to have a written legal contract with all stated above specified?

Tips in Choosing your Dental Clinic Abroad

Trust your instincts

Remember that even if you have all the information necessary, the selection of the right dentist abroad will be a personal choice. This element is very important, since undergoing a dental treatment abroad can be very hard for some people, especially if they are in an unfamiliar environment. Reasons why you must believe in yourself and what your instincts is telling you, and if there is any doubt with the clinic (if it feels wrong), then you should walk away and look for another clinic. On the contrary, if the clinic feels right, then go ahead and relax, because it is much more likely you will enjoy the experience and you will have a more pleasant one indeed!

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