Dental Care in Mexico

Why do people travel to Tijuana to get their dental work done

An increasing number of patients from the USA and Canada are going to Tijuana, Mexico in order to undergo high quality, affordable dental treatments and procedures.

Tijuana is a city located in Baja California, Mexico and is considered to be one of the most dominant cities in the country. Situated right across the border from San Diego, California, USA Tijuana proudly boasts the title of the most crossed border worldwide.

Recently, a Medical Fast Lane has been implemented for the dental tourists driving in from San Diego. The lane is made exclusively for patients driving down in a car with US plates. Usually, the clinic that the patients are planning to visit is in charge of issuing the pass that will help people to use this special medical fast lane. 

Tijuana: what to know before you go

Tijuana is an ideal destination for Americans and Canadians looking for flawless dentistry procedures and treatments. The dental clinics located here provide international patients with the highest standards of medical treatment at pocket-friendly prices. There are some essential aspects to keep in mind before you hop into your car and drive down.

How can you travel to Tijuana?

You can arrive in Tijuana both by plane (the city has an airport with all the proper facilities) and car. If you choose to drive a car, you’ll get in Tijuana in just 20 minutes if the starting point is downtown San Diego. You can either drive into the city, or park near the border and continue by foot, if that’s more convenient for you.

Also, you can take the trolley or the bus: there’s a Blue Line trolley leaving from downtown San Diego and reaching the pedestrian border’s starting point. There are several other buses you can opt for, as well: Greyhound and Intercalifornias operate daily between San Diego and Tijuana.

What about the weather?

Tijuana has a cold semi-arid steppe climate. January and February are the best months to visit this town for a dental procedure as the average temperatures are mild. Of course, that doesn't mean patients cannot travel to Tijuana any other time of the year - the temperatures remain moderate and pleasant.

Language barrier? Not at all.

Even if Spanish is the officially spoken language, you’ll face no language barrier in Tijuana, as most locals and especially the dental clinics’ staff at dental clinics are fluent in English.

What currencies can you use?

Although the official currency is the Mexican peso, the US dollars are widely accepted. In case you decide to use the local currency, there are plenty of currency exchange offices on either side of the border.

Dental Care in Tijuana

Dental Care in Tijuana

Tijuana welcomes an increasing number of patients throughout the year. It is considered as one of the most accessible destinations near the USA and close to Canada for affordable dental treatment.

What’s the average price for dental procedures in Tijuana?

  • For a standard porcelain crown, you’ll pay approximately $295 – a big saving when you think that, in the USA, the exact same crown would cost you around $1000.
  • Dental implants complete with abutment and crown cost around $1,285. In the US, you’d be paying about $4000.
  • Fillings are about $60 and crowns $400 in the city after the 50% co-pay.

If you need an extensive dental treatment or procedure, your ideal option would be to stay into a budget hotel in Tijuana, undergo the dental work, save a lot of money, shop for a bit, and go back home.

Some facts about dental care in Tijuana

  • The dental clinics’ standards are high, focusing on overall sanitation and health.
  • The dental clinics are equipped and supplied with world-class technology in order to facilitate top notch treatment of a wide range of dental conditions.
  • Dentists in Tijuana offer complete dental services and are some of the best in the world, proving both experience and expertise in all aspects of dentistry.
  • The Ministry of Health in Mexico watches closely over dental clinics; regular inspections are common over here. Therefore, the centers are safe and visited by a huge number of American and Canadian medical tourists every year.

Dental clinics in Tijuana provide a wide range of dental treatments and procedures, such as:

  • Dental implants, crowns and veneers
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Biological Dentistry
  • Pediatric Dentistry

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