7 Arguments for Taking Cancer Treatment in Western Europe

7 Arguments for Taking Cancer Treatment in Western Europe

Being one of the most depressing illnesses out there, cancer is probably the most feared medical condition that a human being (or any other animal, for that matter) can suffer today. With curing rates still low across the world, being diagnosed with cancer leaves people desperate to seek for a solution, even though they fear at the back of their minds that there might not be any.

With cancer being the cause of over 8.8 million deaths worldwide in 2015, it is officially the deadliest medical condition today. However, being diagnosed with cancer does not have to be the end of it. While there are still no 100% sure treatments for this condition, different types of cancer can be treated successfully in different parts of the world using various solutions.

A part of this has been a growing medical trend for people to go to Western European countries, like Germany, Italy or Switzerland, to look for treatment for their seemingly incurable cancer conditions. People from Eastern European countries like Serbia, Russia or Ukraine, are all looking at finding a cure for their cancer in the heart of the EU. In fact, according to the Spiegel, only in 2011, some 200.000 foreign patients have visited Germany for treatment, and here’s why:


While the cost is definitely higher than in their home countries when it comes to treatment (most Eastern Europeans don’t pay for treatment at home, as it is covered by their health care), patients from Eastern Europe are willing to pay the price. First of all, they are aware that treatments in Western Europe are still cheaper than getting a treatment in the US or China (which are also not very close, which means more travelling costs). Secondly, they know that they will get the best possible care for their money, as clinics in Germany, Switzerland or Italy are well-equipped and fully staffed with high quality doctors.

Comprehensive Treatment in Clinics

Western European clinics provide their patients with a more comprehensive care compared to their counterparts in Eastern Europe. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the availability of the technology and state-of-the-art equipment (see the next paragraph) allows the doctors in Western Europe to have more options when treating cancers. Secondly, as Germany and Italy are at the forefront of cancer treatment research, more innovative ways of defeating this deadly disease have been discovered here. These ways, like the stem cell treatments and immunotherapy, are widely used here and could provide a new chance for patients who have previously thought their illness incurable. Thirdly, the availability of different ways to treat cancer allows the doctors to combine them if necessary, giving the patients even higher chances of survival.

State-of-the-art Equipment (with Infrastructural Support)

The EU is known for its social spending and general care for the welfare of its people. Over the decades since the inception of the EU, a lot of money has been invested towards improving the infrastructure and obtaining new equipment. Also, the private clinics have never strayed far behind, even surpassing their government-funded counterparts in many ways. You can count on Western European countries to have state-of-the-art equipment in their hospitals because they are aware of how many lives can be saved just by having the proper technology.

Also, Germany, for example, is known world-wide for its research centers and university clinics. In them, researchers work on new cures and treatments using the latest technologies. This is all supported by top notch infrastructure which allows the researchers to keep innovating.

Excellent Staff

Being at the forefront of cancer treatment research has blessed Western European countries with exceptionally knowledgeable oncologists and cancer-treating surgeons. Medical practitioners from these parts are, in general, highly rated throughout the rest of the world. The reason for this is that these countries have high standards when it comes to the education of their future doctors. Those who complete their studies have ample chances to take part in various researches and studies, or to actively practice their profession. The results are some of the finest doctors the world has seen. Over 17 Nobel Prize for Medicine winners have come from Western Europe and they are still leading the way, especially when it comes to cancer treatment practice and research.

Availability of dedicated translators

As the EU strives towards further integration (even though Brexit makes things more difficult), its people have adopted integration, as well. You will find lots of bi-lingual people in the western parts of the EU, and getting around Germany or Switzerland is easy as seemingly everyone speaks English.

However, when it comes to medical terms, things do get a little bit more complicated. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding with the patients, hospitals usually assign dedicated translators for the language of the patient. These translators then mediate between the patient and the doctor to avoid any confusion. After all, getting misdiagnosed because of a language barrier would be a very tragic thing and one which most doctors would like to avoid.

Various Treatments

As we said, Western Europe is at the forefront of cancer treatment globally. This means that they have adopted different practices in curing this deadly disease, and that they are constantly on the lookout for new ways to treat it. All of the globally accepted treatments for cancer are available here, including radiation therapy and chemotherapy. However, due to strict regulations when it comes to research, they also have the finest stem cell therapy for cancer in the world. Gaining access to such a wide variety of treatments enhances the chances that a cure will be found, as another treatment can be tried should the first one prove ineffective.

Ease of Travel

Western Europe is well connected to the rest of the world through a series of flights. It is possible to find a plethora of low-cost flights, if one is interested in saving money on travelling costs. For those who are not capable of flying due to the advancement of their illness, there is also the possibility of getting them by car. Western Europe is endowed with good roads and excellent highways.


Looking at the global statistics for cancer, the situation might seem bleak for all those who have been diagnosed with cancer. However, recovery rates are on the rise, and with new technologies and treatments, those rates are climbing ever higher. The main thing is to never give up hope and to look everywhere for possible treatments. Our finest recommendation would be searching for one in Western Europe, as their treatment track record is possibly the finest in the world when it comes to beating cancer.

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