Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Sex Reassignment Surgery In Thailand

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Sex Reassignment Surgery In Thailand 

Sex Reassignment Surgery is performed by transitioning individuals who want to change their physical appearance and sexual structure to their identified gender. People with Gender Dysphoria disorder feel that they were born in the wrong gender and would resort to this type of procedure to correct their existing sexual characteristics to their preferred gender. Patients normally undergo hormone therapy to prepare for the procedure which is the last step in the transition process. This surgery is very significant because it boosts confidence and self-esteem of the individual. If you’re ever considering your options for sex reassignment surgery in Thailand, let us help you with everything you should know about the treatment.

What Centers Offer Sex Reassignment Surgery In Thailand?

When you are considering Sex Reassignment Surgery Centers in Thailand, one has to put a lot of factors into consideration. Thailand is one of the top medical tourism destinations for sex reassignment surgery and a lot of centers in the country offer quality services. When you’re looking for the best clinic for sex reassignment surgery, you may want to check certifications, their qualifications, the facilities available and how will the surgery be performed. In Thailand, some of the best centers are located in cities like Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya.

How Much Is A Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand?

The approximate Price of Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand is $13,500. The pricing is a very important factor and differs from center to center. The cost of the sex reassignment surgery depends on the techniques used in the surgery and these techniques are often recommended based on body type and the preference of the patient.

What Packages Are Available For Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand?

Sex Reassignment Surgery Packages in Thailand include the following procedures: the surgical procedure to change from biological gender to preferred gender, external correction, penile inversion, scrotal skin graft and colon vaginoplasty. It also includes the cost of consultation fees, VIP nursing care, and take-home medications.

Which Doctors Are Doing The Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand?

Finding a reliable doctor for Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand can be difficult as there are a lot of qualified surgeons. It is best to look for a doctor who has an active license for medical practice and has certifications and accreditation on reputable medical institutions. It is advisable to check some of his previous work and see whether or not he/she suits your needs.

Reviews & Testimonials For Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand

It is always necessary to look at previous reviews and testimonials of the clinics because experience truly is the best teacher. These reviews for Reviews for Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand will encourage you to visit and speak to the doctor of your choice. These reviews are true moments that will narrow your decision and bring you to a tested and proven facility. 

What Do You Need To Ask Before Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand?

If you're considering a sex reassignment surgery in Thailand, you need to ask your doctors a couple of questions. These include:

  • Are you fully licensed and board certified to perform the surgery?
  • May I see photos of your patients who have done their surgeries?
  • What are the possible complications and how likely are they?
  • How long will my hospital stay be? And how long will I need follow-up consultations?
  • What would be my recovery time after the surgery?

Generally, this surgery leads to better function for people both socially and psychologically. Anxiety, depression and hostility levels have been observed to be lower after this surgery. Let PlacidWay help you discover the best sex reassignment surgery in Thailand today. Contact us or our customer care team in order to help you reach the best medical centers which will provide the quotes only for you.  

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