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A s i a  M e d i c a l  T r a v e l

PlacidWay Asia Medical Tourism is an all-inclusive Medical Tourism Program, with the main goal of offering its clients complete health care solutions, advice, information and guidance throughout the entire medical journey in Asia.

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We provide our customers exclusive medical programs and packages according to their needs and expectations. Dental treatments, cosmetic procedures, surgeries, rehabilitation or maybe alternative therapy... Whatever you need, we have it - at the highest quality and accessible prices. Choose from a wide array of customized programs which include treatment options, various destinations, accredited clinics in Asia, highly experienced doctors, accommodation and transportation options, translators, and everything else you might need.

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PlacidWay Asia Medical Tourism has partnerships with only the best physicians on the continent, most of them trained in the best universities in Asia, Europe, and the US. We work with accredited clinics and hospitals, which comply with global health care standards.

Technology plays an important role in 21st-century medical care. Therefore, you will only enjoy the latest technological equipment & healthcare infrastructure.

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PlacidWay Asia Medical Tourism offers a comprehensive list with available treatments, procedures and surgery options. If by any chance the treatment you need is not on that list, contact us and we will offer you information about the doctors and clinics which offer the requested procedure.

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We will help you find the most convenient medical option for your medical treatments, such as:

Cancer Treatments

Cosmetic Surgery


Stem Cell Therapy

Fertility Treatments 

Chronic Diseases Procedure

Heart Care & Surgery


Eye LASIK care

Laparoscopic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Obesity Surgery


Organ Transplant

Gynecology Treatments

Reconstructive Surgery

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  • We will guide and assist you throughout your entire medical experience in Asia

  • We offer direct support with the help of our network partners

  • You will only be offered high-quality treatments and procedures performed with modern equipment,

  • We offer you access to accredited clinics and hospital all over Asia

  • We will help you in making the right decision for your wellbeing

  • We are dedicated to our work and our goal is to make you ensure you feel comfortable & safe during your medical journey in Asia

  • The specialist doctors we work with have years of experience and pieces of training in Asia, Europe or the US


placidway asia medical tourism clinics doctors line

We can help you find the best medical professional in Asia and have an amazing medical experience!

Click on the button below to get your FREE quote and treatment options!

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