India- One of the Top Destinations for Obesity Treatment

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India- One of the Top Destinations for Obesity Treatment

India- One of the Top Destinations for Obesity Treatment


Obesity is one of the rising concerns all over the world. With increased stress and wrong dietary habits, many people are falling prey to the menace called obesity and looking for affordable treatment solutions. If you are searching for high-quality obesity treatment at an affordable price, then you can consider visiting India. Here, we will guide you everything that you need to know about obesity treatment in India.

Where Can I Get the Best Treatment for Obesity in India?

You can find the best of medical centers offering top-rated obesity treatments across all the top cities in India. Whether you prefer visiting, Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore, you can find several high-end centers offering obesity treatment along with bariatric surgery and weight loss medications. However, you should check for the certifications and other necessary aspects required by a medical center for obesity treatment in India. Only opt for the centers that are accredited or licensed under valid authority.

What Cost I have to Incur to Get Obesity Treatment in India?

To get a clear picture of what actually you have to pay for obesity treatment costs in India, you should compare the costs at different centers. Suppose you are looking for a surgery then the cost will be definitely higher than just a weight loss program through medication. The lowest weight loss medication cost in India can be quite low, but you may have to pay from $3000 to $5000 for a gastric balloon or gastric bypass treatment. For sleeve gastrectomy and lap band surgery, some centers charge from $6000 to $8000. However, for duodenal switch surgery, you may have to spend above $10000. So, you can see that the cost can vary from $3000 to $10000 depending on the treatment.

What is the Best Suitable Package for Obesity Treatment in India?

The best package is always something when you get things according to your customized needs. Check with the medical centers about what they are including in the package and what they are not including. You can also check which equipment and types of medicines will be included in the treatment. Considering everything will give a clear idea about choosing the right package for obesity treatment in India.

Obesity Treatment Doctors in India

You should always evaluate the doctor’s credentials in terms of their past records and eligibility. In addition, you must ensure that the doctor is certified to conduct the type of obesity treatment you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen a lap-band treatment package, make sure to check the doctor has all the necessary credentials and certificates to perform the treatment. When you correctly evaluate the doctors, you will be able to zero on the right medical center and the most suitable package as well. This is how you should select the best doctors for obesity treatment in India.

Past Patient Testimonials and Feedback

It is always advisable to contact the past patients of the medical centers that you have chosen. The past patients will be able to provide the real testimonials about the center, doctors, and the packages. If possible, you can also ask for the supporting documents for the obesity treatment they have done in that center.

Questions You Need to Ask before the Treatment

Before opting for the obesity treatment at your chosen medical center in India, you should ask a few questions to the doctor. You probably get several questions in your mind and it is always better to clear the doubts before finalizing everything. So, here is a list of five questions that you can ask before the treatment:

  • Why should I choose your center?
  • How can I emotionally prepare myself before the surgery?
  • Why is weight-loss surgery not good for everyone?
  • What could be the side effects of the treatment?
  • How can I overcome the side effects?
  • So, this is how you should prepare yourself for getting obesity surgery in India.

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