Breast Augmentation in Istanbul

Breast Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to improve the shape and size of the breast. The procedure uses breast implants to enhance the body contours. Breast augmentation is done to increase the cup sizes of women. They also prefer this procedure after pregnancy and breast feeding. Istanbul provides best breast augmentation procedures for its domestic and international patients at affordable prices. The country has reputed doctors trained in the field of breast shape correction to provide quality services to women.

Breast Augmentation Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has become popular in recent years for its best medical cosmetology procedures in breast augmentation. Several clinics are operating in the city that provide breast correction services at affordable prices. If you are focusing to select the best breast augmentation clinic in Istanbul, you must check the license and other accreditations of the shortlisted ones. Thus, you will be able to select a reputed and dependable clinic for your breast augmentation procedure in Istanbul.

What is the Cost of Breast Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey?

The average cost of breast augmentation in Istanbul is around $3,500. The price depends on the complexity of the procedure. The procedure inserts implants to make the breast appear bigger and restore its volume. The price also depends on the quality and reputation of the clinic or cosmetic surgeon performing the procedure.




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Packages for Breast Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey

Breast augmentation packages in Istanbul include the surgeon’s consultation fees, operative procedures, anesthesia, supplies, and grafting charges. As you get quotations from medical tourism providers, you will get separate quotations for flights and accommodation as well. You must keep in mind these little costs that add up to the package. Make sure that you are quoted exactly for the services you require before you sign any of the documents.

Cosmetic Surgeons for Breast Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey

Everyone when they are going for a breast augmentation of any kind, the best way to find the doctor is by word of mouth. Apart from that, you will get references of dependable breast augmentation cosmetic surgeons in Istanbul in many internet portals. You can get references from your friends or surf internet to have more information on this. However, it is important to verify the board certification of the doctor before finalizing him. You can get the doctor’s reputation information from his website. You can also invest some time in taking a few consultations before finalizing one.

Reviews and Testimonials for Breast Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey

Remember you should get many chances to know about the service quality and reputation of a doctor or cosmetic clinic. Never go to a doctor simply because he is providing you with a great deal or a better price. Go through the reviews and testimonials of the cosmetic surgeon to book the best of them. Make sure that you are availing yourself the best option for doctors regarding references and backgrounds.

Questions to Be Asked to the Cosmetic Surgeon Before Breast Augmentation in Istanbul, Turkey

The decision of breast augmentation is overwhelming for any women. It is advised to go for qualified cosmetic surgeons to get the best possible service. Make a questionnaire for yourself of all those queries that you have in mind that medical tourism brochures of the breast augmentation clinic do not contain. The following questions might be helpful to you:

  • Is breast augmentation procedure painful?
  • How long will it take for the procedure to complete?
  • Is there any risk involved in it related to cancer in women who have undergone breast implants?
  • What are the chances of any complications to arise?
  • How long will be the healing?

People return to their normal life within a few days of breast augmentation surgery. However, the breast remain sensitive to direct stimulation in the first few weeks. The doctor will guide you on pulling, pushing and heavy lifting instructions. We wish you a happy and successful breast augmentation procedure.

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