What is the Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Bangalore?

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Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Bangalore, IndiaWhat is the Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Bangalore?

Bariatric surgery is a treatment to lose excessive weight. This mechanism leads to consumption of stored fat in the body due to decreased availability of calories. The Indian city Bangalore has several high-end clinics where this obesity bariatric surgery is conducted. However, it is important that you compare the prices of these clinics. Obesity bariatric surgery cost in Bangalore can start from $6300 and go as high as $8800. Thus, the average cost of this surgery is $7550 approximately.

How to Find the Best Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Bangalore

Bariatric surgery includes several well-accepted and established methods. Many newer methods are also being studied. When you are searching for the best bariatric surgery clinic in Bangalore, ask what methods of the treatment are followed. Some of the standard methods of the treatment include Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy, Lap Band, Lap Gastric Bypass, Lap Mini Gastric Bypass, Balloon, and other procedures. The medical centers that offer varied bariatric surgery choices will definitely be among the best.

What does a Bariatric Surgery Package in Bangalore Include?

A bariatric surgery package in Bangalore generally includes the charges for bed, operation theater, anesthetist, doctor, nursing, clinical lab and patient’s dietary costs. However, the package will not include something like an extended stay in the hospital if the situation demands, airport pickup/drop, travel and lodging expenses, etc. You must ask the clinic to provide details about the package clearly.

How to Choose a Good Doctor for Bariatric Surgery in Bangalore

Before you decide on the right doctor for bariatric surgery in Bangalore, you must know which type of bariatric surgery is suitable for you. The surgery involves two ways, which are known as Restrictive surgery and Malabsorptive surgery. The first one reduces your appetite, as your stomach feels full after a small meal. The second one causes the food to skip the area where it is to be absorbed. The food gets partially digested by absorbing only a small part. Both these ways reduce the availability of calories to the body. Thus, you must ask the doctor which type of bariatric surgery is suitable and check if the doctor has the right certificates to perform the treatment.

Feedback and Testimonials

You must check the reviews and feedbacks for bariatric surgery in Bangalore before you enter the agreement with a hospital or clinic. You can visit the website of the clinic to check if there are testimonials of the past patients. You can also directly contact with some past customers and get their real feedback about the surgery and experience.

Questions you need to ask the Doctor before Bariatric Surgery

During the consulting session with the doctor be prepared to ask some relevant questions related to your bariatric surgery with no qualm. Here is a list of a few important questions that you can ask your doctor:

  • Which bariatric procedures so you perform?
  • Which bariatric procedure is suitable for me?
  • What is the rate of complication for the procedure you suggest to me?
  • How many patients you have operated for this particular bariatric procedure before and what is the success rate?
  • Why should I choose you?

Bariatric surgery can be beneficial not just for weight loss and general fitness, but for other aspects. There are possibilities of remarkable improvement for many diseases that are caused due to obesity. We, at PlacidWay, are eager to help you find the best available options for bariatric surgery in Bangalore, India.


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