Accessible And Affordable Healthcare Options Abroad

Mr. Mohamed Ali of Egypt who lives and Works in Kuwait contacted the Izmir Dental Clinic, which has over 20 years of experience treating a variety of dental needs. Suffering from a broken front tooth and five missing teeth on the sides of his mouth, Kuwaitian Dentists told Mohamed he needed crowns. Mohamed wanted to find the best dental clinic that would meet his needs without taking a big chunk out of his wallet.

Mohamed wrote a note to PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in the United States that offered information regarding dental clinics in Europe. Mohamed was mildly surprised when he received an immediate reply from the
Izmir Dental Clinic explaining their treatment for ceramic crowns, the cost, and the fact that the Izmir clinic price included accommodations for a five-day stay in a comfortable hotel in the city of Izmir.

Clinic staff invited Mohamed to ask any and all questions and he followed up with details that many other individuals would in the same situation: was a regular teeth or dental checkup  included in services, and would he need any lab tests or lab work, x-rays, or blood analysis that would hamper or delay any treatment. Mohamed naturally wondered about transportation to and from the airport upon his arrival in Izmir, as he had never been to Turkey before and was unfamiliar with the city or its transportation system.

Soner Ayanlar, a member of the staff at
Izmir Dental Clinic states, "We are committed to our patients and want to make their visit with us as smooth as possible. We arrange drivers to pick them up from the airport and transport them from their hotel to the clinic and back in an effort to keep things as worry and stress free as possible."

The same day, staff at the Turkish clinic replied to his questions and explained that all the details could be taken care of in their private facilities upon his arrival. Transportation from the airport to his hotel and then to the clinic was arranged by the staff , who even offered to provide city tours and excursions.

PlacidWay Fills The Breach

How did Mohammed Ali find the Izmir Dental Clinic? After all, how many people in Egypt or Kuwait are aware of dental services provided in Turkey? The answer lies in an increasingly popular and growing medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado. PlacidWay is  a medical tourism resource dedicated to providing reliable and up-to-date information and resources for international medical, dental and vision facilities around the globe.

Says Pramod Goel, Founder and CEO of PlacidWay, "We are proud and pleased to be able to offer reliable resources to international patients in a variety of medical, dental and vision fields.  Health care today is all about choices and making those health care choices both accessible and affordable. PlacidWay serves as a credible, reliable and responsible liaison between consumers and medical providers around the world."

Excellence In Dental Care

Mohamed decided to utilize the facilities in Izmir to take care of his dental needs, as well as the dental needs of his traveling companion. Staff at Izmir dental clinic arranged for Mohamed and his friend to be picked up at the airport and transported to their hotel. Staff from the dental clinic picked them up from his hotel on the day of their appointment, took care of their x-rays, blood work, and had them in the dental chair on the same day.

Upon his return to Egypt, Mohamed wrote to the staff; "I am very proud of myself and happy that I met you and knew your clinic. No one here noticed my new teeth, and no one here even noticed that they are not my own teeth. That means how professional your work was and how excellent my choice was to come to your clinic. Sending a big thank you to and everyone there, your treatment and the facilities really made me happy." 

Growing Popularity Of International Travel

Growing numbers of citizens from a variety of countries are traveling beyond borders for excellent, affordable, and available medical, vision and dental care. Extensive choices, excellent services, and world-class and state of the art equipment and technology are available through medical tourism resources such as PlacidWay, which offer the best in choices for international patients, no matter where there from or where they're going.

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