Medical tourism is being taken seriously these days, as is evidenced by the massive numbers of individuals traveling across borders to seek quality, safe and effective medical care and treatment. In the past, medical tourism was considered a risky business, but in the early years of the 21st century, has grown into a world-class, certified and accredited option for many medical consumers.

Rising health care costs in Canada and the United States have prompted individuals to travel across the southern border of the U.S. intp Mexico to enjoy and reap the benefits of experienced, educated and world-class surgeons, procedures and technologies.

What Can You Get in Mexico?
Medical tourism in Mexico offers individuals treatments in nearly every medical field, from cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures to the latest in dental technologies, obesity and weight loss treatments and procedures, to stem cell research to cancer therapies.

Mexico has become one of the most popular medical tourist destinations for many Americans and Canadians, long boasting a reputation for providing a wealth of services at half the cost in other countries such as dental care, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, hip replacement and more, and medical travelers can anticipate saving up to 50% on medical procedure costs in Mexico without the lengthy wait times for appointments or surgery elsewhere.

Mexico enjoys some of the most modern and technologically advanced facilities in the world. Providing highly trained and experienced surgeons and physicians, Mexico has been giving the United States ample competition for years and will continue to do so as medical costs in the U.S. continue to rise.

Internationally accredited medical centers have emerged in Mexico, many of which are owned by healthcare companies and hospital organizations in the United States. Many doctors and surgeons in state of the art and world-class medical facilities in Mexico have been trained and have experience in the United States or Western Europe.

Medical Vacations in Mexico
As an ever popular tourist destination, Mexico continues to offer medical travelers a wealth of beautiful, serene and safe vacation destinations, including facilities in Cancun, Ensenada, Mexicali and Puerto Vallarta, Tamps, Guadalajara and Mexico City among just the few that offer affordable surgery and procedures in stem cell treatments, chronic disease care, infertility, obesity and weight loss procedures and laparoscopic surgery. Some of the best hospitals in Mexico are JCI (Joint Commissions International) or internationally accredited by reputable healthcare organizations such as the WHO (World Health Organization).

Nearly six million Americans alone are expected to travel across borders in 2010, and locations such as Cancun, Mexico is a leading destination, offering substantial savings in procedures and medical care costs that have nothing to do with experience and expertise. Not only is Mexico convenient for cross-border travel for Americans and Canadians, but many facilities within Mexico have received high  accreditation marks and growing reputations for providing quality, compassionate as well as timely and efficient standards of care.

The Future of Medical Tourism in Mexico
Medical tourism in Mexico is expected to grow, especially among North Americans and Canadians seeking affordable yet quality and effective treatments from gastric bypass to face a lifts to hip resurfacing. Baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are expected to lead the charge in medical migration to destinations within Mexico, from Cancun to Los Cabos, that will cater to their needs.

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