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Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment by Mexstemcells Profile Overview

MexStemCells for Cancer treatment

Many new strategies have been developed in recent years for cancer treatment. Experts believe that Cellular Immunotherapy is one of those strategies that have good potential for treating cancer. MexStemCell Clinic is now providing Cellular Immunotherapy using Natural Killer Cells. This treatment procedure uses substances produced in a laboratory or by the body for helping the immune system work more effectively against the cancer cells. It blocks the tumor's immune escape mechanism and improves the endogenous antitumor immunity. This increases the possibility of eliminating cancer cells from the body.

The Natural Killer Cells in the body are defined as lymphocytes that can lyse certain tumor cells and virus-infected cells without prior immunization. Natural Killer Cells are found in the bloodstream naturally. Cellular Immunotherapy by MexStemClinic helps in slowing or stopping the cell division of cancer cells. This treatment can be effective for patients even with advanced cancer or those who received first-line treatment but it didn't work. Most importantly, it can prevent the spread of cancer cells to other body parts and activates the immune system response to get rid of cancer cells.

Why Choose Cellular Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment by MexStemCells Clinic?

Cancer patients have now new alternatives to fight against this disease. Immunotherapy is a treatment for cancer that assists patient’s immune system to oppose the disease. The white blood cells and organs are part of it, which make up for protection in fighting infections or other illnesses as well!

It can be considered more powerful than traditional medicine because there's no need to use toxic chemicals; instead, they rely on natural substances found within organisms, monocytes/stem cell combo injections etc.

The immune system is a crucial tool in fighting against cancer because it can detect and destroy abnormal cells. For example, when tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes or TILs are found near tumors they indicate that this part of our bodies has been recognized by the body as something wrong and needs to be taken care immediately.

Some people with cancer have tumors that contain tumor-infiltrating cells (TILs). These individuals often do better than others who don’t possess this trait, and researchers aren't sure why it might be the case. The immune system is not able to destroy all types of cancers. However, there are ways that these cells avoid being destroyed by the body's natural defense network in several different ways including:

a) Changing the normal tissue around a tumor, we can keep those areas from responding as quickly and efficiently so that they interfere with how your body deals threatens.

b) Disguise from the immune system due some genetic alterations.

c) Possessing elements that deactivate the immune cells like in the case of proteins.

The purpose of immunotherapy is to improve the reaction of the immune system to destroy cancer cells. The immunotherapy cellular types are:

a) Dendritic Cells

b) Natural Killer (NK)

c) Lymphokine-activated killer cell (LAK)

d) Chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR-T cell).

  • Dendritic Cells:

Dendritic Cells are a type of white blood cell that can be derived from bone marrow and converted into culture, where they display the ability to attack bacteria or other antigens on command. These cells do not require any extra input for activation; instead, being able fully function as soon pickup substances such GM-CSF with just one message through its receptor network.

  • Natural Killer (NK):

The Natural Killer Cell (NK) is a type of white blood cell that resides in our bodies and helps fight off infections. These innate lymphocytes come from the same family as T-cells, but they're more selective about what cells they can attack--leaving healthy ones untouched! While we don't know much yet, research shows these cells have many different functions including controlling early cancer signs or killing viruses like those causing H1N1 infection when it surfaces on your skin surface.

  • Lymphokine-activated killer cell (LAK):

Killer cell lymphocytes activated in the presence of interleukin-2 (IL-2). Lymphokine-activated killer cells (LAKs) are cytotoxic effector cells with an exceptionally wide target cell spectrum including normal and malignant cells of different origins. The LAK cells are a lineage with an unclear status. They express different surface markers, making them difficult to identify as one single type of cell in the body.

  • Chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR-T cell)

The immune system is a complex network of cells and organs that work together to keep you healthy. Anytime there's something new in your body, the alarm bells go off within this tightly knit community - but if they can't identify what it might be then things will have no choice but attack.

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is a process to induce a type of white blood cells (Called T cells) to confront cancer by altering their behaviour in a laboratory with the objective of locating and destroying cancerous cells. (CAR) T-cell therapy is also defined as a gene therapy because to fight cancer it is required to alter the genes inside of the T cells.

The immunotherapy is an alternative treatment with no side effects, which has proven good results in patients with solid tumors and leukemia, with the objective to activate the immune system and destroy abnormal cells.

What Does Cancer Treatment Immunotherapy Procedure Involves?

  • First, the patient needs to obtain 50ml peripheral blood in a blood collection bag

  • Obtain a tissue sample from the tumor

  • These samples are to be sent to MexStemCells Clinic.

  • The clinic will take 15 to 21 days approximately to prepare the Cellular Immunotherapy Treatment

  • Once the treatment is ready, the patient should visit the clinic with three-day travel arrangements

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