Digital Customer Experience and Medical Tourism Trends

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Digital Customer Experience and Medical Tourism Trends

Digital Customer Experience and Medical Tourism Trends

In the technologically advanced era, digital customer experience proves to be very critical for the medical tourism industry. Modern-day patients want everything online that mirrors their experience just like buying products on Amazon or Airbnb. The convenience provided by these online platforms have raised the bar consumer-friendly online interaction through ease of shopping, trustworthy reviews, and transparent presentation. Thus, it is not surprising that medical tourists want the providers to offer a digital customer experience that is modeled after the leading online retailers.

What Does the Modern Medical Consumers Expect?

Modern medical consumers are not just concerned about where they seek treatment. Rather, they have higher expectations and want more control. Right from the beginning they clearly want amazing customer experience and for that, they do not hesitate to shop around different medical service providers. With digital media, they can access various healthcare providers promptly, which ultimately helps them to prepare personally identifiable criteria including cost, customer service experience, availability, instant gratification personal interaction, and ease of doing business. Hence, they can easily find the right fit matching their expectations.

Provider Journey should mirror Patient Journey

A consumer has to go through a vast range of actions and transactions before he actually becomes a customer. They evaluate and research services of the provider, keep calling/emailing to get more information and take a decision only after every action is taken to schedule an appointment, determining insurance and payment options. Thus, the scope of communication between the patients and providers is very high to mirror each other’s journey. Improper communication or any missing link can create distort between them. This is where digital tools can help in a big way. Such tools this can close the gap by communicating rapidly using tools like messaging, online chat, SMS, etc.

The journey of new-age customers in the medical tourism industry starts and continues to be increasingly online. The age of just answering an email is passé. What matters now is to provide complete digital customer experience with spiraling online engagement using various communications methods is essential to differentiate your services.

Build Trust Remotely and Digitally

Are you wondering how to remotely build customer trust? The answer is being ‘digital’. With today’s technologies, you can create an experience which can replicate the face-to-face local experience. This includes telemedicine, online medical reports review, live customer support, instant messaging, emails, etc.

You must have control of your Omni-channel presence. This helps the patients get the right information at the right time whenever they are doing any online research. Medical tourists are relying on Online Customer Care to differentiate and make healthcare buying decisions.

If you are still into the mindset of excellent Patient Experience face to face only, you need to immediately broaden it to Online Customer Experience. And the best way to do it is going digital. Presently, the patient journey is taking place through digital channels. If you interact with the customers efficiently through the digital channels, it increases the possibilities of converting them into patients.

Being the leader in the medical tourism industry, PlacidWay believes in improving the digital consumer experience in the modern world of technology. Our multi-channel digital platforms can help you to grab the eyeballs of potential consumers and provide them with satisfactory digital experience.


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2018-11-05 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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