What is the Average Dental Implant Cost in Mexico?

Dental Implants Cost Mexico, Price of Dental Implants in Mexico

Dental Implant Cost Mexico

What is the Average Dental Implant Cost in Mexico?

Dental Implant is a popular procedure and many people are going abroad for this treatment. Mexico is a popular destination for dental treatment procedures and the demand for dental implants is high in Mexican cities. The dental implant cost in Mexico is $400, but it may vary from center to center. The approximate price of dental implants in Mexico starts at $900 and can go as high as $1,390.

Dental Implants Materials

Implants Cost in Mexico

Standard Implant Crown (including abutment)


Standard Implant Crown BHI / MIS / Nobel (including abutment)


Standard Implant Crown Straumann (including abutment)


Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only) BHI Shark


Titanium Dental Implant (Implant only) MIS


Titanium Dental Implant (Implant only) Nobel Biocare Active


Titanium Dental Implant (Implant only) Straumann SLA


Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only) Straumann


Titanium Dental Implant (including abutment and standard crown) 


Metal-Free Dental Implant - Straumann Ceramic Implant Systems - PURE (Implant only)



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Full Mouth Dental Implants Procedures and Cost in Mexico

Check the cost of full mouth dental implants procedures in Mexico.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Procedures

Mexico Cost USA Cost

All on 4 Dental implants

$6,500 – $12,000 $24,000

All on 6 Dental implants

$5,000 – $14,000 $30,000

All on 8 Dental implants

$7,200 – $16,000 $36,000


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Dental Implants Prices in Mexico? ( City Wise Break Up )

Compare the cost of cheap dental implants in the top cities of Mexico.

Teeth Implants Procedures

Cancun Tijuana Los, Algodones Matamoros, Mexico

Single Tooth Implants

$970 $700 $670 $1,035

Implants, Crowns, & Abutment

$1,050 $1,300 $1,200 $1,100

All on 4 Dental Implants

$7,000 $7,800 $6,500 $6,500

All on 6 Dental Implants

$9,000 $11,000 $11,280 $7,500

All on 8 Dental Implants

$14,000 $13,500 $15,500 $16,000


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Factors that Affect the Price of Dental Implants in Mexico

Before you travel to Mexico, it is important that you have an idea about the cost of dental implants. To have a precise idea of the cost, it is important that you learn about the factors that may affect it.

  • Number of teeth requiring a dental implant
  • Age of the patient
  • Bone density
  • Complexities related to the procedure
  • Experience of the dentist

What You Can Expect from Dental Implants in Mexico?

With dental implants, not only your smile will look amazing, but you will regain your self-confidence. You'll be able to eat all the food you want, talk and chew without feeling self-conscious about how your mouth looks. Mexico is home to some of the best dental clinics in the world where they provide high-quality implant materials and use the best techniques to provide top-class results. Most importantly, the procedure is affordable in Mexico.

How Much Approximately You Can Save By Getting Dental Implants in Mexico

The dental implants cost in the USA is around $3,000. While the average price of dental implants in Mexico is $400. Thus, you can save 70% money by choosing Mexico as the preferred destination to get dental implants.

Approximate Cost of Dental Treatment Variations in Mexico

Dental Treatment Breakdown

Cost in Mexico

Dental Crowns


Dental Veneers


Dental Implants in Mexico Reviews

Checking the reviews and testimonials of past patients is the next important thing. Ask the clinic if they can provide you with the contact information of some of their past customers. Once you get the contact details, ask them about their experience and try to get before and after pictures, if possible.


In this video, you will hear reviews and testimonials of people having dental implants successfully done at Sani Dental Group and why you should cho0se Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones, Mexico.

In this video you will hear dental implants patient review in Cancun, Mexico

You can save a lot of money having dental implants in Los Algodones Mexico and this lady will explain the dental implant experience she had in Los Algodones Mexico

Mr. John L. Pasko narrates his experience of getting 5 dental implants, 2 sinus lips, dental crowns, and bridges successfully done at Simply Dental. He is highly satisfied with the materials, and technology used for the procedures and expresses his gratitude to the people working here.

Mr. Tim Jones, a Canadian resident recommends dental procedures at Simply Dental. He vividly decides how he had made his choice of getting the dental procedure done at the dental clinic. Tim is highly satisfied with the office atmosphere, hygiene maintained in the clinic, services of the clinic staff, modern equipment, and dental technology used for the dental procedures.

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Other Costs to Consider

While deterring how much approximately you might have to spend for Dental Implants in Mexico, you should also consider some other important costs such as:

  • Cost per night of hotel/accommodation during your stay in Mexico
  • Daily expenditure on food and drinks during your stay
  • An estimated cost of airfare and transportation to/from the clinic
  • Travel insurance

The above cost details are estimated and should not be considered as the final price. However, you can always ask for the free quotes and check how much you can save by going for Dental Implants in Mexico.

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