06/07/10 Denver, CO: PlacidWay, a Colorado based medical tourism company, has expanded its operations into the Mexico Medical Tourism market after forming a strategic alliance with MCMX S. A. de C.V. (MCMX), business consultants specializing in health tourism and assisted living in Mexico. Joint efforts by PlacidWay and MCMX will focus on increasing information and awareness of Mexico as a unique destination and provide strategic and tactical solutions to healthcare providers in Mexico that meet the needs of international travelers.

PlacidWay is excited to form this partnership, designed to further educate medical tourists and consumers about the availability of choices when it comes to health care centers in Mexico. Mexico’s rapidly growing medical tourism market offers increasing numbers of accredited healthcare facilities adhering to international health care quality standards and offering American trained and certified doctors and surgeons.

Mexico's proximity to the U.S. offers a logical choice for North Americans seeking affordable health care coupled with some of the best vacation spots in the world. Attractive beaches and easy access between countries prompts increased cross-border traffic into Mexico. Consumers seeking high quality yet affordable medical treatment find solutions and medical service providers in Mexico to ease their burden of rising healthcare costs, wait times, and accessibility to treatments and therapies in the United States.

"We're happy to join our efforts with MCMX, as they're the right partner to execute our long-term strategies and visions to provide access to global health care," says Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay. "Working together, our goal is to increase awareness of Mexico as a destination offering world-class medical care, facilities, doctors and surgeons. Providing affordable medical solutions to consumers is our mission.”

Mexico isn't just convenient for Americans or Canadians seeking less expensive health care procedures but is a growing medical tourism, assisted living and retirement destination for millions around the globe, including a growing number of Baby Boomers. Accredited hospitals, American board certified doctors and surgeons and cutting edge equipment and technology have increased the number of individuals entering Mexico for high quality health care at affordable prices. Offering treatment, therapies and procedures in dental or cosmetic surgery, stem cell therapies to chronic disease or cardiac care treatment, the trend of traveling across borders into Mexico is rising. Accessible healthcare, superior customer service and satisfaction, affordability and excellence in care drives increasing numbers of individuals to choose Mexico as their premier healthcare destination.

"We're excited about our strategic alliance with PlacidWay, a definite market leader in the medical tourism sector," says Héctor Xavier Martínez, President & CEO of MCMX, a leading business consulting company specializing in health tourism and assisted living in Mexico. "We intend to put Mexico and Latin America at the top of the medical tourism and assisted living destination market. The alliance will allow us to offer comprehensive medical tourism solutions to our stakeholders, including medical providers, governmental agencies and consumers seeking affordable healthcare."

PlacidWay Mexico operations will have offices in Hermosillo, Sonora and Tijuana, Baja California in Mexico. The PlacidWay Mexico operations will provide medical tourism and assisted living support for local, regional and national level entities engaged in medical tourism and assisted living programs. For additional information, please visit www.placidway.com and www.placidsolutions.com