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How Does Cimavax Stops Cancer- Everything that You Should Know

Cimavax for Cancer Treatment How Does Cimavax Stops Cancer- Everything that You Should Know

Cimavax is a cancer vaccine that is credited to help patients live longer. Unlike the other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, this vaccine is available only in Cuba. In fact, cancer treatment with Cimavax has some positive effects in Cuba. This definitely raises curiosity about how it works.

How Does Cimavax Works

The Cimavax vaccine is developed for non small cell lung cancer, which targets a protein called Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). Cancers like lung cancer, colon cancer or neck cancer are very much dependant on this EGF growth factor for their growth and survival. They make the body produce plenty of EGF, which leads the cells to grow and divide uncontrollably. This can be prevented by reducing the EGF growth factor out of the patient’s body. The Cimavax vaccine works to deplete it out of the patient’s body, which eventually stops the growth of cancer.

Cimavax works like Any Other Vaccine

Like any other vaccine, Cimavax works in the same way. For example, we are familiar with the vaccines that protect us against infectious pathogens like the virus that cause measles. Every dose delivers a mild portion of what we want the immune system to a target (which could be bacteria, virus or anything else). In the same way, Cimavax targets EGF.  It can block EGF to reach cancerous cells and stop it from growing and spreading. It may not be that ultimate solution, which could kill cancer, but it can stop its spread, which eventually helps the patients to live longer.

It Works like Immunotherapies

Cimavax does not attack the cancer cells, and this is what makes it more exciting. Like most immunotherapies, Cimavax produces an immune response against EGF. When this immune response is generated, the circulation of EGF neutralizes, which results in starving cancer, eventually preventing its growth.

The experts feel that the way Cimavax works, it might have the potential to work against other cancers like neck, head and colon cancers. Researchers also claim that the side effects of Cimavax have been very minimal on the Cuban patients, unlike the other cancer therapies. More than 5,000 patients from all over the world have been administered with the vaccine in Cuba, which is also cost effective.

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