Get Beautiful Teeth, Save Almost $18,000 with Dental Implants in Stunning Costa Rica

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Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Get Beautiful Teeth, Save Almost $18,000 with Dental Implants in Stunning Costa Rica

Ronnie went to a plush dental clinic in Florida to get details about dental implants. He lost two teeth in a freaky motor cycle accident, and wanted to fix them soon. Finally, he was called and directed towards the dentist’s chamber. For the next one hour, the dentist checked his teeth, did all the work, took x-rays and discussed the dental condition with his assistant who began to run the large calculator. Within a couple of minutes, he was told that the dental implants cost would be $24,000. Now, that was quite a big blow (not literally) to his expectations. He softly requested for time to think over it.

Cost- the Barrier

Definitely, $24,000 was too big and that’s when Ronnie remembered that he heard somewhere about inexpensive dental implants in Costa Rica. In less than a second, the internet revealed cosmetic dentistry is a big industry in Costa Rica. In fact, thousands of people visit Costa Rica’s capital San Jose every year to get high-quality dental care at low cost.

Other Deciding Factors

There were lots of high praise words and attractive stuff written about dental care in Costa Rica, but are they really as good as they claim? That’s when he decided to analyze other essential factors that will help him to find the best dental implant provider in Costa Rica. Also, travel restrictions and safety measures due to COVID-19 pandemic were other important factors that he was worried about.

Soon he was informed with plenty of affordable and effective dental implant solutions in Costa Rica. He started evaluating the dental clinics and dentists in terms of COVID safety, credentials, experience, certificates, technology, and advance equipments apart from the cost factor.

In fact, he realized that he can have two implants, two root canals, two bridges, one extraction and several crowns for less than $6,000 and he can save more than $18,000 approximately. This was serious savings and on top of that, he would enjoy a wonderful vacation with his wife in stunning Costa Rica.

Planning Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

Though the cost was the main reason Ronnie wanted to travel to Costa Rica, the scenic beauty and rich history of the country was certainly on his mind as well. He searched for the most affordable options and opportunity to soak up the sun on an extended break while recovering from dental work. Costa Rica offered him with many choices that offered good savings and best dentists. These dentists are not the best choices just in terms of affordability, but also the advanced procedures they use and the safety precautions they take. This helped him with the best dental implants in Costa Rica minimizing the chances of making bad choices.

Top Clinics for Dental Implants and other Dental Care in Costa Rica

Like Ronnie, you too can choose Costa Rica for affordable dental implants and amazing vacation amid peaceful natural surroundings and perfect weather. The combination of highly trained affordable dentists and technologically advanced medical facilities, Costa Rica is definitely one of the most desirable places to get your dental implants done.

If you also want to get affordable dental implants and enjoy stunning Costa Rica, let PlacidWay help.

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