Who can get Cimavax- 3 Key Eligibility Factors

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Who is Eligible for CimavaxCimavax- 3 Key Eligibility Factors

Cimavax, a vaccine mainly for patients suffering from lung cancer, is easily available in Cuba. Many cancer survivors from different countries visit Cuba to get this vaccine, as it can possibly increase the lifespan by months and even years in some cases. So far, more than 5,000 patients have been administered with this vaccine in Cuba. Does that mean any lung cancer patient is eligible for Cimavax? Let’s find out.

Who is Eligible for Cimavax?

Not every cancer patient can get Cimavax to increase survival. Take a look at some of the vital factors that determine the eligibility for the vaccine.

Proven Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient

Patients with proven Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, who received chemotherapy, can be provided with Cimavax. However, time, dosage and eligibility can only be defined by the doctor considering the condition of the patient. It is to be noted that the patient should have gone through at least one successful chemo treatment and should not have metastasis to the brain.

Age of the Patient

Age is another eligibility factor for administering Cimavax. Some trials have come up with results that show people under the age of 60 can benefit from the use of Cimavax in terms of survival. However, it does not signify that cancer patients above 60 will not be benefited from the vaccine. Many research and studies have positive examples of patients above 60 years of age with results of longer survival.

Not for All Types of Cancer

Cimavax may not be effective for all types of cancer, which means every cancer patient is not eligible for the vaccine. Apart from Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Cimavax may be effective in the cancer varieties that depend on EGF/EGFR, which includes some cases of prostate cancer, neck cancer and colon cancer.

Moreover, the vaccine is not available in every country. Presently, it is available in Cuba and a few other countries like Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The vaccine is yet to be tested in the United States and some European nations. Thus, many cancer patients from these countries want to visit Cuba to get Cimavax with the hope of improved survival.

To have a better understanding about the eligibility, the patients can send all the medical records along with medical history to the Cuban clinic. Once the medical reports are reviewed and if the patient is approved, he/she will be informed about the specific treatment protocol.

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