Stem Cell Kidney Treatment in Mexico City- Food that Might Cause Kidney Failure

Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Failure in Mexico City, Mexico Stem Cell Kidney Treatment in Mexico City- Food that Might Cause Kidney Failure

MexStemCells is a renowned provider of stem cell therapy for kidney failure. They also take initiative to make people well-informed about how to take the right precautions that can eventually lead to a successful treatment. Here, they have highlighted about some foods that can cause kidney failure/ foods that must be avoided by a person having kidney ailment.

Chronic renal failure is a condition that has to do with the lifestyle of those who suffer from it. Although there are diseases and infections that can damage the kidney, these causes represent the minimum part of the patients in the hemodialysis units in the interior of our country.

For the most part, this disease, which is incapacitating and fatal, is gradually brought on by patients when they carry a bad diet, combined with high levels of stress and sedentary lifestyle.

The best way to keep the body free from kidney failure is to keep our diet free of the following foods (or as little as possible.)

Sugar: Excessive consumption of sugar can cause obesity and upsets body tissues, it is also a precursor to diabetes, which damages the kidney progressively.

Salt: This is an indispensable mineral, but the abuse in its consumption and sick and kills the cells and tissues of the body, including the kidney. In addition, it interferes with the filtering process of the kidney leaving sediments in its structure, which hurts the tissue and kills the cells.

Fats: These types of fats promote the oxidation and formation of free radicals, mainly affecting the arteries and the circulation, causing even heart attacks. Examples are sweets, pastries and margarine.

Sodas: Due to its high content of sugars, caffeine and phosphoric acid, its frequent consumption causes the accumulation of fat, creates sediment in the kidney in the same way as salt and are the number one precursors of diabetes.

Do not risk your health or that of your family by eating these substances, choose natural foods, drink water, exercise and visit your doctor once a year to monitor the health of your kidneys and your body.

If you suspect that your kidneys are in danger or you already have a diagnosis of kidney disease, call the Mexstemcells clinic where trained personnel will provide a diagnosis and treatment.

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by: MexStemCells Clinic

2019-05-17 / Updated on: 2021-06-11

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