Fertility Treatment Abroad- 6 Ways to Boost Your Conceiving Chances using IVF

IVF Treatment Abroad

Fertility Treatment Abroad- 6 Ways to Boost Your Conceiving Chances using IVF

Nick and Betty Jones were in their late 30s and married for 4 years. All they wanted was a baby, but the happiness kept eluding. When after two years of trying naturally Betty was not pregnant, they were advised to opt for IVF. Unfortunately, the IVF cycle failed and the fertility expert blamed it on their age. However, both Nick and Betty were not ready to give up, but the cost of IVF cycles would financially cripple them. Their zeal to find a solution helped them get some exciting fertility treatment options abroad where the clinics are advanced and affordable. They zeroed on a fertility clinic in Mexico and scheduled an online counseling session with the fertility expert of the clinic. The doctor suggested a few useful tips to boost conceiving chances and it really helped the couple. Now, they are proud parents of a sweet 6-month-old Gia.

It is true that when you are looking for the best chances of using IVF abroad, data is very important. So, checking the success rate report of the fertility clinics is essential. However, just choosing clinics with high IVF success rates may not ensure a successful result. You should figure out how to seek treatment in the correct way. You have to work towards increasing your conceiving chances during IVF. So, here are 6 important ways that can help to boost your conceiving chances during IVF treatment abroad.

Healthy Weight is Important

It is extremely important to maintain a healthy weight in fertility treatment like IVF. Being obese or underweight increases conception time by two and four weeks respectively, which affects the success rates of IVF negatively. It is important to take professional help for diet and activity. For example, enrolling in a cardiometabolic weight loss program combined with a recommended diet can reduce the chances of complications during IVF.

Improve Sperm Health

Planning IVF abroad is a long-term process. For men, it is important to optimize their sperm health. Involving a specialist of male infertility can be effective for proper semen analysis. Also, to improve sperm quality, consulting fertility experts to recommend right multi-vitamins and medicines can be useful. This will help to improve sperm numbers and quality that can have a beneficial impact on the outcome of IVF.

No Smoking

Smoking affects sperm and egg quality, which can drastically decrease IVF success chances. However, it is not easy to quit smoking and often requires great support, both personally and professionally. Joining motivational programs to quit smoking or involving friends and family for help may encourage you in the process.

Reduce Stress

During the cycle of IVF stimulation, reducing stress troubles can be very hard to achieve for couples. Stress levels can influence both assisted and natural conception rates. When you analyze IVF options abroad, ask for suggestions like how you can relieve stress to avoid any complication during the procedure. According to some reports, using stress-relieving techniques like acupuncture, stress reduction workshops or body-mind programs can be useful.

Adequate Vitamin Supplements

Several reports reveal that Vitamin D deficiency can lead to infertility, which worsens IVF outcomes. Unfortunately, many people are not even aware of their Vitamin D deficiency. So, it is important to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level and use proper supplements if necessary. It is important to ensure you have adequate vitamin D levels to increase egg quality and quantity.

Patience and Persistence

Many patients require multiple IVF cycles to achieve an embryo for transfer. Moreover, results may significantly differ from cycle to cycle. When the first cycle is not successful, the doctors may be able to optimize the second cycle by adjusting the medications. It is important not to be discouraged by sub-optimal setbacks and outcomes. You must understand that this is something that is not in your control and blaming yourself can only make things worse. You need to be patient, persistent and take good care of yourself.

Consider these tips to boost your chances of conceiving using IVF abroad. However, you should also ensure to make a meaningful choice when it comes to choosing the right clinic abroad. Several factors can influence your decision to choose the right IVF clinic abroad such as destination convenience, price, clinical results, technologies, success rates and patient care. Once you shortlist suitable options for fertility clinics abroad, try to establish direct communication to discuss your plans and how to improve your chances of successful IVF. You must gather education and organize information for a better decision.


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