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PlacidWay Partners with Knee Surgery India to Offer Affordable Orthopedic Options in India

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Denver, October 26, 2007 -- To meet the growing demands of international patients looking for high quality and low cost medical solutions, PlacidWay, a leading health and wellness tourism company, has announced a strategic alliance with India’s Knee Surgery Centre.  Knee Surgery Centre, provides patients throughout the world with high-quality, cost-effective orthopedic care including knee, shoulder, and hip surgery.


PlacidWay’s partnership with the Knee Surgery Centre, Chennai will benefit thousands of patients suffering with various types of knee and joint disorders.  Patients from around the globe with orthopedic problems are coming to this South Indian city to seek treatments such as total knee replacement, hip resurfacing, partial knee replacement, proxima hip and oxford knee implants.


The orthopedic surgeries are performed by globally-reputed joint replacement surgeon, Dr. A. K. Venkatachalam, who received his training in the United Kingdom and Belgium.  He has pioneered high flexion knee replacement, unicondylar replacements, and proxima hip surgery.  Dr. Venkatachalam has already performed over 3,000 knee arthroscopies and more than 1,500 knee replacements surgeries.


“The baby boomers in America and other countries with osteoarthrits are increasingly seeking affordable high quality hip replacement solutions.  Keeping up with latest advancements in orthopedics, we perform hundreds of such surgeries in India for far less than private treatment in the UK, Canada, USA or Middle East.  Our medical standards meet or exceed US and UK guidelines.  The cost of a knee replacement is only £3500 or US $7000 versus 40,000 USD in the US or £9000 in the UK for a total knee replacement surgery,” says Dr. Venkatachalam.


PlacidWay specializes in providing comprehensive global healthcare possibilities, which are both economical and world-class.  By utilizing PlacidWay’s extensive network of medical facilities from Norway to India, patients can choose their own treatment in a country of their choice for free.  The company provides a vast range of treatment options such as alternative medicines, elective procedures, surgical procedures and wellness programs.


According to PlacidWay President and Chief Executive Officer Pramod Goel, “Patients from around the globe, who are suffering from orthopedic problems, are increasingly traveling to exotic destinations, such as India to regain their musculoskeletal health and vitality at fraction of the cost.  The partnership with the Knee Surgery Centre will enable patients who are without effective medical insurance or with long wait times to get orthopedic treatment at a reduced cost while making no compromise, on quality of healthcare.”


Please click here to get more information from Dr. Venkatachalam.

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About Knee Surgery Centre
Knee Surgery Centre is a leading Chennai, India based orthopedic surgery center. The center provides world class hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries. Catering to the growing number of international patients from US, UK, Canada, Middle East and other countries, Knee Surgery Centre is using the most technologically advanced equipment and latest techniques to perform orthopedic surgeries. Procedures performed include Total knee replacement, High flex TKR, Unicondylar replacement, with the Oxford knee implant, Minimally invasive TKR, Hip resurfacing, THR, Proxima hip, arthroscopic ACL reconstruction, among others. For more information visit

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