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Best Clinic for Drug Addiction Treatment in Spain

Cortijo de los Patios, Parcela 273, Fuente Mariano, Buzón 15, Órgiva, Granada, Spain, 18400 Órgiva Granada, Granada 18400, Spain
Price Range: $2500 - $6000
Specialty: Addiction Treatment
Focus Area: Ibogaine Drug Detox Treatment in Spain | Madera Sagrada | Spain | Ibogaine Retreats | Iboga

Madera Sagrada Profile Overview

Ibogaine Drug Detox Treatment at Madera Sagrada, Spain

Madera Sagrada is iboga clinic in Spain providing ibogaine training that ranges from the medical to the shamanic. The clinic is located in the beautiful surroundings of Las Alpujarras, south of the Sierra Nevada in Spain, near Órgiva mountain village.

Ibogaine practitioners at Madera Sagrada are committed to giving their guests safe and effective ibogaine treatments and iboga ceremonies. Team members of the clinic strive to provide patients with a pleasant environment and comfortable stay during the therapy. 

They will help you leave behind what no longer serves you and become your new, ideal, self. Our therapy consists of powerful meditation techniques such as breathwork, yoga, sound, and mindfulness. In addition, Madera practitioners also teach their guests self-acceptance and letting go methods.

  • Clinic Name: Madera Sagrada
  • Procedure: Ibogaine Treatment
  • Location: Granada, Spain, Europe
  • Ibogaine Provider:  Richard Hughes 

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Advantages of Choosing Madera Sagrada in Granada Spain

There are numerous advantages you get by choosing ibogaine therapy at Madera Sagrada clinic, such as:

  • Safe and effective ibogaine treatment
  • Compassionate and professional team members
  • Beautiful surroundings of the clinic
  • Effective Ibogaine drug detox supporting programs

Cost of Ibogaine Treatment in Granada, Spain at Madera Sagrada

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List of Treatments at Madera Sagrada Iboga Clinic in Spain

  • Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine is a psychedelic substance found in iboga, a Western African shrub. It has been used at healing ceremonies in the Bwiti religion, West Africa.

We work with an experienced Ibogaine doctor and staff

Ibogaine Rehab Program in Granada, Spain

Ibogaine Provider: Richard Hughes

Experiences and Specializations:

  • As a former drug addict, Richard Hughes is helping other people beat their addiction and begin living healthier lives. He provides safe and effective iboga detox programs to anyone willing to change life for the better.
  • Richard speaks Spanish and English. He is also trained for several years in various settings ranging from shamans in the Amazon rainforest to Ibogaine drug detox clinics in Mexico and Portugal.
  • Rich has completed a first aid training course with St. Johns Ambulance in the U.K.

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