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Understanding Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment Abroad

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a powerful medicine and an incredible opportunity to interrupt addiction and significantly reduce most withdrawal symptoms while repairing brain function.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive indole alkaloid derived from the root bark of an African plant – Tabernanthe iboga.

How does Ibogaine Treatment Work?

Ibogaine treatment has been described as "like a reset switch for life." After ibogaine treatment most people experience reduced cravings and greatly reduced drug withdrawal symptoms and many people will emerge from the experience with a better understanding of why they needed to use drugs or alcohol in the first place.

There are three stages of an Ibogaine treatment experience:

  1. Acute Dreamlike Stage
  2. Evaluative Stage
  3. Stimulation Phase

Ibogaine alleviates physical withdrawal symptoms of opiate detoxification by resetting and refreshing the opiate receptor sites. How this is done is still not fully understood; no other known substance has shown this method of action. Once this process is complete, no further use of Ibogaine is necessary. It functions in a similar way to treatments that block or take residence in the receptor sites that normally harbor chemical substances. However, unlike methadone or suboxone, which lead to chemical dependency, Ibogaine is non-addictive and doesn't need to be taken on a continuing basis.

Ibogaine treats other chemical dependencies by cleansing the body of the drugs, and resetting the brain's neuron-chemistry. It appears and feels as if the memory of dependency is removed from the mind and body. It addresses cravings from the metabolite Nor-ibogaine. This may take a couple of days to fully set up for stimulants and alcohol.

Ibogaine also works to rebalance the brain chemistry and level out dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, adrenaline etc. to a pre-addicted state. This helps the individual to feel better much more quickly, especially compared to quitting a substance cold turkey. It can take weeks or even months to regain the balance in neurotransmitters after discontinued use.

Those coming off anti-depressants may also go through this experience. We have found that pharmaceutical drugs take longer to recover from than street drugs. They get deep into the body and mind, and create not just a physical or emotional attachment, but a mental dependency as well. There is still a lot of physical recovery needed to really become balanced, and Ibogaine therapy is most effective when combined with the initiation of a healthy lifestyle, but as far as craving and chemical dependency the change occurs rather quickly.

Ibogaine Treatment Advantages

What are the Advantages of Ibogaine Treatment?

  • Almost immediately stops opiate withdrawal symptoms
  • Reduces drug cravings
  • Grants you insight into why you use drugs or alcohol

Studies undertaken by leading research and academic facilities have shown that ibogaine is invaluable in treating physical dependency and the associated withdrawal symptoms of Heroin, Methadone, and Prescription Opiates. It alleviates 90% of opiate withdrawal symptoms and can address cravings for two to six months. At the same time it changes habitual thought patterns and helps to restore the proper functioning of the brain's neurochemistry that, if left untreated, can make it so difficult to stay free of addiction.

Ibogaine is also extremely beneficial in the treatment of Alcohol, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and/or Nicotine addiction because it resets the dopamine uptake pathways in the pleasure and craving centers of the mind that are thrown out of balance by the abuse of these substances. There is no other known substance that addresses these areas with such magnitude and accuracy.

Ibogaine is an incredibly useful tool in breaking through old habits and patterns that keep us separate from our true nature. By resolving past traumatic events, one is able to live in the present moment free from chemical dependency and lingering desire. It has proven useful in treating a wide variety of psycho-spiritual maladies that often underlie the addiction process including: Depression, Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Compulsive Fear, Bi-Polar Disorder, and OCD.

Where can someone get Ibogaine treatment?

Ibogaine treatment centers have already started to expand from east to west across worldwide nations. However, the rare African shrub root is most prevalent in African continent only and hence as of now, the treatment centers are occupied only in few nations. Some of the popular Ibogaine treatment centers’ locations are in Canada, in Mexico and in South Africa. As far as European nations are considered, the Ibogaine treatment had received much reputation in Holland and Ukraine and the popularity is owing to the fact that the treatment is personally oriented and is very specific to the individual needs and visions.

Medical specialists believe that some unique science behind the Ibogaine treatment theory has relevance to overcoming drug addiction and hence it’s very safe to follow it under proper guidance.

Here are a few of the benefits of this price range:

  • Professional treatment
  • Pre-treatment counseling
  • Activities

The use of Ibogaine for treatment of drug addiction and for other conditions has grown substantially over time in the many countries where use of the compound as a medicine is permitted, however, research about it for the treatment for drug addiction has been restricted as a result of it’s prohibition in several nations such as the United States. It’s effectiveness is still studied, but the outstanding results speak for themselves.

Ibogaine detox and the following recovery phase is intense and calls for peaceful and mild conditions.

To find out where can you find the best centers that offer Ibogaine treatment, feel free to contact us!

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