Breast Augmentation Surgery

Jenny had always felt self-conscious about her bust size, or lack thereof. Like many young women blossoming into womanhood, Jenny was an attractive, athletic teenager who stayed active in fit. Health-conscious, Jenny wasn't skinny, but as the years passed, she noticed that her breasts were smaller than she had hoped, and her shirts and blouses just never looked quite right.

Because she didn't fill out her tops as she'd hoped, Jenny grew increasingly self-conscious. She felt unbalanced. While she wasn't exactly flat-chested, she didn't feel like her top half lacked the curves of her bottom half. She grew out of her teens and into her early 20s and began a professional career in a competitive environment.

Breast Augmentation in Mexico

Jenny is smart, loyal, and dedicated to giving her best in everything she does. However, she now found herself in a professional environment where she was expected to carry and project herself in a reflection of the company. Her job literally demanded that she exude self-confidence, not only in her abilities but her appearance. As a visible representation of the business, she knew that she was expected to be the public image of the company.

While Jenny certainly felt that she could do the job that was asked of her, she still felt self-conscious about her smaller breasts and knew that her business suits and blouses still never hung quite right, leaving her feeling more self-conscious and uncertain than before.  How could she project the assurance and confidence that her company demanded of her if she couldn't even feel comfortable or self-confident in herself? Jenny decided that breast implants might help not only fill out her clothes better, but give her the boost in self-confidence that she needed. 

Benefits of Cross-Border Travel for Jenny

The decision was not one that she made lightly. While Jenny had been taught not to judge people by their looks, she was not naive enough to believe that such held true, at least in her business environment. She felt sure that she could do the job asked of her, but nevertheless felt that breast augmentation would help her fit in to her new profession a bit better.

One problem for Jenny was money. She was a recent graduate and already burdened with student loans. Breast augmentation would require her to purchase a new wardrobe, on top of the expense of the procedure and any recuperation time. Then and there, Jenny decided that medical tourism was her best option.

She was not willing to sacrifice quality or expertise, but sought out a board-certified plastic surgeon with not only breast augmentation experience and expertise, but one  certified either in the United States, internationally, or both.

After spending time researching and narrowing down her choices due to her qualification expectations, she decided on a plastic surgery clinic in Cancun, Mexico for her breast augmentation procedure. She was impressed with the qualifications of the plasric surgeon who held five board certifications, including two international board certifications from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Digging deeper, she found that the ASAPS was a professional society where membership was highly restricted to only the best, and Dr. González, with over two decades of experience, practice and a commitment to safety, health and excellent results in his patients, had proven his skills and commitment to the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.

Attitude Change

Breast Augmentation in Mexico

Jenny felt better already and made arrangements to travel to the beautiful resort city, where she looked forward to not only a change in her appearance and body balance, but a change in her attitude and mental outlook as well.

The change for Jenny was remarkable. Now, when she looks in the mirror, she sees an extremely self-confident and happy woman who not only looks great in her clothes, but a mature woman who exudes a deep confidence in her ability to represent not only her company, but also herself as a competitive, dedicated and authoritative professional in her field.

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