When it comes to dental implants, do you know your materials? Dr. Joaquin Berron, of Dentaris in Cancun (also with offices in the Riviera Maya), located in the beautiful tourist destination and resort of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, wants his patients to understand their options.  For example, one of the latest technologies for providing full arch dental rehabilitation in a short period of time is the Diem®2 treatment solution, offering the best in surgical and prosthetic treatment for full arch rehabilitation with one day of treatment.

About Abutments

One of the most important aspects of dental implantation procedures are components called abutments. Abutments are the prosthetic parts of implant dentistry. Low-profile abutments are the ones that allow us to do these teeth in a day treatment permitting a connection between the head of the implant and the immediate teeth.


For example, two common types of low-profile abutments include:


-Low-profile angled, allow for the correction of the angulation of implant that is sometimes compromised by the amount of bone that the patient presents.


- Straight One-piece is used when we have an ideal position of the implants, which allows us proper access to the screw that will hold the prosthesis to the implants.


The way the low-profile abutments are angled allows us to provide a more favorable appearance and design of the dental prosthetics. Skilled and experienced dentists specializing in restorative dentistry make the final decision on what angulation of abutment to use ( either straight, 17, or 30 degrees) for that specific site and position it in the most favorable way, ensuring that abutments are fully and properly seated and tightened.


After the abutments are placed the immediate hybrid denture is adjusted  (retrofitted) to them, trimmed, adjusted as far as occlusion, and polished before torquing the screws down to the implants.


More about Dr. Joaquin Berron and Dentaris

Dr. Joaquin Berron is the coordinator of the Implant and Aesthetic Fellowship in the Prosthetic Department at Louisiana State University.  He specializes and has 20 years of experience in these areas, prosthetic dentistry, and implant dentistry.

Dentaris is located in the popular tourist destination of Cancun. Details have provided a variety of dental and dental aesthetic procedures to regional as well as international dental patients since the early 1990s. Services at Dentaris include dental implants, veneers, prosthetic and endodontic procedures, and orthodontics. Staff at the facility treats adults, teens, and children.


For more information about Dr. Berron, Dentaris, or to request information regarding dental implants in Cancun, visit www.placidway.com  an international medical resource and provider based in Denver, Colorado.