Heading to Hungary for Dental Implants

Sergio was having an incredibly difficult time with his teeth. It was difficult for him to eat, and his jaw alignment caused near constant pain. Sergio had spent decades ignoring his teeth; after all, if nothing was wrong, why go to the dentist every year? Well, Sergio learned too late the importance of regular dental checkups and preventive care. He had lost several teeth due to gum disease and tooth decay, and had experienced infection in the root of more than one molar.

Unfortunately, Sergio didn't have the money to pay the cost of dental implants in his native Italy, and looked to the Internet for options for dental care abroad. After researching his options, he settled on PruDent, located in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary.  After all, Hungary wasn't too far away, and the options, treatments and prices offered at PruDent were well in line with what he could afford.

About PruDent

"PruDent has treated dental tourists and international patients for nearly two decades, located in a beautiful and historic region of Hungary," says Christa Moholy of PruDent. "The area offers dental patients not only the best in dental care and implant procedures, but a variety of tourist attractions and archaeological locations, and some of the best food into accommodations in Central Europe."

"Sergio found a dental implant package that fit within his budget and provided the treatment and technologies he needed to improve his dental health," states Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, an international medical provider based in Denver, Colorado. "Sergio learned that he would benefit from a full range of dental tests as well as a treatment plan, with prices that would fit his budget."

Staff at PruDent are dedicated to providing the best in dental care, and take an immense pride in their ability to meet the needs, travel schedules and expectations of their patients.  Sergio was very pleased to discover that PruDent would also be available on weekends, which would cut down on his need to take time off from work. He discovered that the gorgeous region offered a variety of attractions and accommodations as well as thermal spas, and was accessible from three major nearby cities including Budapest.

Sergio did his homework and learned about the different types of dental implants and procedures that might meet his needs, based on the recommendations of the excellent and highly trained dentists at PruDent. He learned about the different materials and procedures as well as common types of dental implants used to meet a variety of needs by researching online resources.

Dental implants were very expensive in other locations he looked at, including his native country, the United States and Britain. By traveling to PruDent in Hungary, he realized he could save several thousand dollars, even after the cost of travel.

However, the one thing that made up his mind was his ability to take advantage of the latest in dental implant procedures offered at PruDent. The dentists at PruDent were licensed in implant dentistry and he felt good about the facility, its staff that answered his questions, and his communication with dental experts there.

"I was looking not only for affordability, but excellence in care and quality," states Sergio. "I did my homework and explored the qualifications, treatments and prices and facility details at PruDent. I read numerous testimonials from people around the world who had visited PruDent and were more than pleased with the level and quality of service and treatments they received there."

For more information regarding dental implant procedures, materials and dentists around the world who specialize in dental implants, visit PlacidWay.com, an international medical and dental provider and resource based in Denver, Colorado.

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