Turkish Dental Clinic the First to Perform BOX Technique

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Narrative: PlacidWay, a United States-based associate of Tanfer Clinic in Turkey, is pleased to congratulate Dr. Nihat Tanfer on his successful implementation of the BOX dental technique for a patient who had no jawbone. The procedure marks the first ever performed in Turkey.

8/10/12, Denver, Colorado: Pramod Goel, CEO and founder of PlacidWay, is pleased to be among the first to congratulate Dr. Nihat Tanfer of the Tanfer Dental Clinic on the successful implementation surgical procedure utilizing the BOX technique to help a former patient restore jaw function.

The patient, a 53-year-old banker, had lost a portion of his jaw due to infection. The artificial jaw was implanted in mid-July 2012 with a successful outcome. His new jaw will be ready for dental implants within four to six months.

The Tanfer Clinic is a leading dentistry facility located in Istanbul, Turkey. Tanfer Clinic staff focus on dental cosmetics, oral surgery, and prosthetics, among other dental treatments and technologies. Since 1985, the clinic has provided implants and various forms of maxillofacial surgery. Most recently, the facility has provided bio-regeneration (BOX) technologies when it comes to dental function and appearance.

"Dr. Nihat Tanfer has been practicing dentistry since the early 1970s and is an experienced and qualified maxillofacial oral surgeon as well as the first in Turkey to implement the first jaw implant surgical procedure utilizing the BOX technique,” states Goel. "We are very pleased to continue our long-term relationship with Dr. Tanfer and his excellent facility."

The BOX technique implemented by Dr. Tanfer successfully implemented use and transfer of a piece of jaw extracted from an animal for implantation into his patient. His patient's jawbone was irretrievably destroyed, with no chance of indention. The technique is revolutionary, performed for the first time in Turkey.

"The BOX technique gives dental surgeons the option to utilize sections of bone taken from animals to replace sections of chin bone and jaw bone structures destroyed, damaged or diseased in humans," explains Tanfer. "The process is an application known as vital regeneration. It gives people the opportunity to have a chin, or a properly formed jaw and jawline."

The successful implantation and bio-regeneration of bone tissue provides patients with the opportunity to have - and take advantage of - dental implant technologies. The BOX technique completely repairs damaged or missing bones and brings the jaw line and chin back to its original structure and form.

"Many forms of dental care involves more than tooth extraction, smile design, veneers and teeth whitening," concludes Goel. "Restoring not only a person's appearance by successfully implementing the BOX technique, but restoring job function is extremely exciting."

For more information about the Tanfer Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Nihat Tanfer, or PlacidWay’s international resources and dental providers, visit PlacidWay.com.

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