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Welcome to Tanfer Clinic


Tanfer Clinic is led by the dental surgery expert  Dr. Nihat Tanfer and his team.

Our clinic is located in Nisantasi, Istanbul, since 1985.

We specialize in Implants Treatment, Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, Box Technique (Biogeneration), Dental Cosmetics, Teeth Whitening  and Pediatric Dentistry.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Our clinic has adopted world class hygiene and sense of quality.
  • International quality and standard documents taken from BVQI is the sharpest indication of them.
  • The patients will be cared by our expert doctors.
  • Treatment plan includes average treatment duration and treatment costs.
  • Laboratory processes has been performed as an inhouse operation in our clinic with ISO 9001 quality certificate. So dental prothesis can be provided within short deadlines
  • Our clinic is located at the center of the city so you will also have an opprtunity to enjoy your holiday in Istanbul. We meet our guests and to transfer from Airport to hotel and Tanfer Clinic as well as giving help to our guests for hotel accommodations and sight seeing tours and city guidance services.
  • We have the new Osteobioregeneration tecnique, which is a new prosthetically and aesthetically guided bone regenerative technique that introduces a great opportunity to the patients to make the lost jaw bone part reconstructed and rebuilt. İt allows to restore lost bone volume where aesthetic requires.
  • We offer  free hotel accommodations for  over a certain amount of treatments.


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Tanfer Clinic Dentistry in Turkey

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BOX Technique Jawbone Surgery - Biogeneration - Turkey


Our Treatments

  • Implant Treatment/
  • Box Technique (Osteobioregeneration)
  • Dental Cosmetics
  • Laminate Veneer
  • Zyrkonyum
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Prothesis
  • Fixed Denture
  • Complete Denture
  • Partial Denture
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Plastic Gingival Modulation
  • Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Abscess and Cyst Operations
  • Impacted Tooth
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Root Canal Therapy and Fillings


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Our Medical Team


Doctor Nihat Tanfer From IstanbulDr. Nihat Tanfer, graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 1974. Entering upon a career as a doctoral student is tooth, jaw diseases and surgery in 1975, he completed his studies as Dr. Med. Dent. with a high level in 1981.

He founded plastic oral surgery center in 1981.

He worked in implantation professorship with Prof. Tramonte in Milano between the years of 1985-90. Dr. Nihat Tanfer, founding dental policlinic of International Hospital in 1989.

He had worked as the head of dentistry department of the hospital for 5 years.

Dr. Nihat Tanfer was selected as honorary member by the Accademia Italiana Degli Implianti(A.I.D.I) for his overachievements in the field of implantation.

Dr. Nihat Tanfer is an expert in dental and maxillofacial surgery and also among the doctors of implementing the first implant operation as well as lately box technic operation in Turkey.

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Dental Implants | Istanbul, Turkey


Why Turkey?


Turkey, which does the honors of millions of tourists every year, has began to be the reason of preference in also tourism area recently thanks to technologically equipped health care organizations and  medical operations done with worldwide known doctors. The main reasons of this development are the doctors’ success in their field, Turkey’s healthcare organizations settling that development technologically and treatment costs being desirable at the rate of 1/4 compared to equivalent countries. When these advantages taken into consideration our clinic presents opportunities to its patient coming from abroad both the chance of vacationing in Istanbul with its unique historic fabrics and being treated.


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Tanfer Clinic in Turkey

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About Tanfer Clinic

Our clinic founded by the expert of dental and maxillofacial surgery Dr. Nihat Tanfer who is among the doctors of implementing the first implant operation in 1985 and leads many treatments like these, has adopted world class hygiene and sense of quality. International quality and standard documents taken from BVQI is the sharpest indication of them.

The patients requesting to come to our clinic will be responded by our expert doctors with the prepared treatment plan in case they send their panoramic x-ray via e-mail or cargo. Treatment plan includes average treatment duration and treatment costs, however upon request air ticket, airport transfer and hotel reservations can be provided by our contracted tourism agency with the guaranty of affordable price.


Oral Surgery - Dental Orthodontic - Turkey



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Tanfer Clinic Treatments Offered

Tanfer Clinic in Turkey

Our Treatments


Box Technique

Dentistry in Istanbul TurkeyThe Boxtechnique is a new prosthetically guided bone regenerative technique which aims at fully restoring lost bone volume in the three space dimensions by using only absorbable materials which are processed naturally by the body.

This method does not require the use of patient’s autologous bone in the regeneration process It allows a quick and easy transfer of implant placement.

Box technique gives the patients, who have their chins weakened because of the lost teeth, the chance of having a brand new chin. With the implant done after 6 months upon the application of the box technique, the patient can have the comfort of having his/her artificial chin and healthy teeth.


Why Box Technique?

Fixes the volume caused by the lost bones,

  • Enables the easy fixation of the implant into the chin,
  • Opportunity of 3-D recovery,
  • Fully repairs the bone and brings it to its original form,
  • Chin bone is repaired not only functionally but also aestheticaly.


Price List

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Performed by Dr. Nihat Tanfer

 Panoramic X-ray

35 € ($39)


Specialist Dental Examination+Panoramic X-ray


125 €  ($138)







Composite fillings (one-sided) (chemical- light)

55 € ($61)


Composite fillings (two-sided) (chemical- light)

70 € ($78)


Composite fillings (three-sided) (chemical- light)

75€ ($83)


Black V cervical fillings (composite)

40 € ($44)


Root canal treatment - Single-channel (without padding)

70 € ($78)


Root canal treatment - two channels (without padding)

125 € ($138)


Root canal treatment - three channels (excluding padding)

185 € ($205)


Retreatment (obturation of the canal again for -h)

90 € ($98)


Tooth bleaching (whitening the three lower-upper)

255 € ($282)


The intramedullary post-application

40 € ($44)








Metal Veneer Crown

185 € ($205)

475 € ($526)

Zirconia Crowns Veneer

295 € ($327)

900 € ($997)

Laminate veneer crowns (ceramic)

350 € ($388)

950 € ($1,052)

Sensitive Holder Prosthesis

1,155 € ($1,279)


Sensitive Holderfee

300 € ($332)


Full Prosthesis (acryliconejaw)

1,155€ ($1,279)


Full Prosthesis (porcelainonejaw)  

1,325 € ($1,467)


Partial dentures (acrylic-one jaw)

1,155 € ($1,279)


Night Plaque (ForBruxism)

125€ ($138)


Roche bridge

115 € ($127)


Cementation of crowns and bridges fallen (for each fixed member)

35 € ($39)








Box Technique

8,875 € ($9,829)

8,875 € ($9,829)

Shell Technique

4,325 € ($4,790)

4,325 € ($4,790)


545 € ($604)

1,750 € ($1,938)

implant Removal

395 € ($437)

525 € ($581)

Abutment Fee

315 € ($349)

315 € ($349)

Hard Tissue Grafting

650 € ($720)

650 € ($720)

surgical curettage

525 € ($581)

850 € ($941)

Tooth Extraction

40 € ($44)

70 € ($78)

Complicated tooth extraction

65 € ($72)

220 € ($244)

Impacted tooth surgery

325€ ($360)

1,050 € ($1,163)

Impacted tooth surgery (bone retention)

580 € ($642)

2,500 € ($2,769)

Impacted canine dental surgery

1,155 € ($1,279)

2,500 € ($2,769)

Cyst Operation (big)

2,885 € ($3,195)

2885 € ($3,195)

Cyst Operation (small)

735 € ($814)

1,750 € ($1,938)

Sinus Plasty

1,365 € ($1,512)

1,750 € ($1,938)

Sinus Lifting

735 € ($813)

1,155€ ($1,279)

Root Tip Resection one root(canal treatment and filling excluded)

365 € ($404)

655 € ($725)

Root Tip Resection two roots (canal treatment and filling excluded)

450 € ($498)

985 € ($1,091)

Root Tip Resectionthreeroots (canaltreatmentandfillingexcluded)

545 € ($604)

1,310 € ($1,451)







DeepCurettage (1/4jaw) 

145 € ($161)






85 € ($94)


FlapOperation (1/4jaw)

375€ ($415)

985 € ($1,091)

Periodontal Sina (splinter-moving)

295 € ($327)


Periodontal Sina (splinter-fixed)

330 € ($365)




Dental Procedures in Turkey

Operations Abscess and Cyst


Cysts are derived from a variety of teeth or jaws that are not seen. Jaw cyst is very large, sometimes without being noticed by the patient. For this reason, there is a great benefit to patients receiving normal controls panoramic dental radiography.

Dentistry in Istanbul Turkey

Dental cysts often originates jaws. These cysts are not treated can occur around the tooth root can reach great heights. The root end of the patients with cyst treatment is not sufficient to remove the tooth. Hydatid cyst of bone is left in the extracted teeth continue to grow and it reaches large volumes. As a result, a situation may occur if necessary taking a large number of teeth. For this reason, surgery should always be taken as cystic formations.


Tooth root abscess or cystic lesions occurring in a variety of reasons, inadequate application of root canal treatment of infected root cut-off of cases opened directly relates to the treatment. This practice should be considered before taking a tooth apicoectomy procedure is a treatment option denir.Apikal resection.

Situations where it was held Apical Resection of Operation:

  • Due to poor dental root canal tedavisi'nin full of making structural or formal,
  • Dental root canal treatment because of the presence on the restoration of making a non-removable,
  • K?r?ld?ysa instrument during root canal treatment, must be broken to remove the instrument, if necessary, in order to remove the tool,
  • Although endodontic treatment in cases with persistent pain in the patient,
  • Dental root cyst of the cases,
  • Tooth root bone in the third end portion in case of breakage.

Impacted Tooth

What is an impacted tooth?

Dentistry Procedure in Istanbul TurkeyAlthough he came riding time for various reasons, unable to replace the teeth in the mouth "embedded in the teeth" is called. Third molars (wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth, also known as), the most common embedded one. You may only exist in the mouth for the third molar and the person is still not erupted despite having reached the age of 25, "embedded" are considered. Sometimes it takes the teeth, in part, but never can not reach full height. Third not erupted yet, visit your dentist can obtain information about the situation, and embedded in the remaining teeth can cause pain, swelling, infection, tooth decay and gum diseases, such as the withdrawal of the tooth can factor in some of the problems before they occur.



Tooth Extraction Istanbul Turkey


Why are Teeth Removed?

Today, thanks to the assistance of scientific and technological progress in the science of dentistry, with the first goal is to keep the tooth in the mouth to treat and, in some cases, extraction of teeth due to ill health, protection or treatment plan referenced. This situation can be summarized as follows:

• Treatment of severe tooth decay and weight loss of unrecoverable teeth.

• Multiply the result, will not be able to treat the broken teeth.

• Despite the unrecoverable abscess teeth, root canal treatment.

• Rocking teeth due to severe gingivitis.

• Milk teeth do not fall in time.

• Excessive position change (rotation, tipping, etc.). Teeth which can cause problems due to:

• Cyst or tumor in the teeth.

• Full sürememi? (buried) and the teeth which can cause problems.

• Orthodontic treatment due to lack of space in order to help smooth hough some teeth pulled.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in Istanbul TurkeyPediatric Dentistry in Istanbul TurkeyAgainst children every branch of science operations are in treatment and preventive dentistry pedodontics (child dentistry) is called.

Pedodontics is basically divided into two sections. The first is to treat the problems created, and the second issue is that the prevention of possible problems in advance. That includes preventive and curative medicine.

Covering part of the treatment, a routine dental service. Protective covering part of the treatment will result in the loss of teeth are mostly intended to prevent problems.

Dental Cosmetics

Smile Design

Oral and dental structure within the changes you want to see your doctor combiningDental Cosmetic In Istanbul Turkey aesthetics and most suitable for you and creates the optimal smile.

First meeting with social relations, and the first sight encounter. Cosmetic dentistry with a soft smile, always a positive person is a natural for the laugh and the character of physics are special tooth designs.

Increased self-confidence with a small change, clears both psychological as well as personal relationships and social status in a radiant smile on your face. Integrated with significant changes in self-confidence and happiness inevitably also affect the opposite person.


Laminate Veneers

Laminate Veneers In Istanbul TurkeyLaminate veneers in dentistry today is one of the practices taking into consideration the maximum tooth tissue. Thin porcelain laminate veneers. For this purpose, the dental tissue is removed from the tooth thickness of approximately 0.5 mm. Following this, a measure taken by mouth and tooth color, form and other data transmitted to the technician and special adhesives are manufactured by means of this thin veneers bonded to the tooth. Produced due to the fineness of excellent light transmission and its attendant aesthetic, even under different light sources will cause the emergence of a natural beauty.



Dental Implants in Turkey


Aesthetic dentistry with basic requirements, durability, texture, harmony and natural areas is a product of the highest quality ever achieved. Aesthetic dentistry, porcelain built of metal with each passing day. Biological adaptation, natural image, which has all the features you want, such as aesthetic and mechanical resistance, as a substructure in this system, a white alloy of zirconium metal is used instead. Zirconium is enough to use the lower front teeth and aesthetic porcelains are structured, but also because they are rugged enough to use safely prefer the back teeth. This system improves the quality of life for people.


Teeth Whitening

Unwanted stains teeth over time. This can cause a lot of spots, aging, foods containing coloring agent (tea, coffee, cola, cigarettes, etc.), common consumption, trauma, and considered to be the most significant development in the age of antibiotics taken. Troubleshooting is the process of teeth whitening procedure consists of Dental and widely practiced in this renkle?meleri safe procedure. Teeth whitening procedure as applied by the dentist office (office bleaching).


Gum Disease (Periodontology)

Gum Disease Treatment in Istanbul TurkeyCreates the infrastructure of our mouths and gums and teeth. How can we have a strong need in order to build a solid foundation; teeth or dentures will be built on the lamina of healthy gums to be healthy, such as the need of restorations. Healthy gums and teeth tightly wraps a light pink color. Gums, rotten teeth, even if there is one day you might lose your teeth.

Root Canal Therapy and Fillings

The middle of each tooth, and the sensitivity of its feeding vessels and the nerves that pass the package. These vessels - the nerve of the tooth pulp of the package is called. Pulp has been damaged due to various reasons, is no longer incapacitated to come, begins to have the potential focus of infection. This figure pulp removed and replaced with artificial substances, called root canal treatment is done filling.


Fixed Prosthesis

Bridges, crowns, fixed prostheses, also known as the skin, mouth, and support a small number of teeth in the shaping of the absence of teeth (cutting, downsizing) affixed to the teeth with a prosthesis is prepared in the laboratory. Removable dentures will be more readily accepted by patients than get stuck, but there must be conditions for the implementation of a team. This is very important for long-lasting cleaning of dentures. All edges of the gums brushed the teeth very well, especially the support of the prosthesis. Following the receipt of the preparation of the teeth and measure 3-4 1 week session and the transaction is completed. Metal-backed ceramic prosthesis (porcelain), no metals ceramics (porcelain), has a great variety, including porcelain laminate. The most suitable solution in your mouth will be determined by your doctor.

Crown and Bridges

Crown: with rotten teeth, broken, or for any other reason excess coating is the process of material loss.

Bridge: In the absence of one or more teeth, adjacent teeth küçültülüp, special coatings support from them for some reason al?n?larak i?lemid?r.Herhangi tooth loss occurs, filling the spaces between the neighboring teeth begin to move into this space. As a result, the adjacent teeth, gum problems, bone loss due to fall in this space, aesthetic degradation and changes occur to the chewing forces. If you are a long time that this loophole is not restored with implant or bridge may be losses in the neighboring teeth.


Infrastructure as a standard metal "then-co" or precious metal, "au" alloys available. Gold in the substances used in dentistry, tooth and gum to one compatible with the most precious materials. Therefore, the applications using the precious metal is more healthy and aesthetic results.


Made of reinforced porcelain. Affects a lot of crowns, the image of the most important is their reaction to light. Passes the light of natural teeth. As a result, the depth and vitality to the tooth emerges. Metal-supported porcelain crowns (full porcelain) light transmission due to the properties, depth and vitality to natural teeth so close is more than can be achieved.

• Full porcelain light is very similar to the natural dental structure creating an aesthetic, very well made and artificiality, even if there is an opacity of metal porcelain. For this reason, full porcelain, especially the front teeth are preferred.
• porcelain to metal, some lights (disco, camera flash, etc.) give the mouth as if there is a dark space image. Full light all kinds of porcelain spend the same as natural teeth.
• Metal-backed porcelain mechanically adhered to the teeth. Full porcelain tooth is attached to a mechanically and chemically. Therefore, retention of the metal supported by the much higher.
• Sub-structure for the lack of metal crowns - a dark line at the level of the gum does not. Provided a more aesthetically pleasing image.
• gum, full porcelain maintain their aesthetic appearance, they combine with metal porcelain dental create a bad image in the region.
• Sub-structure to certain metals used (nickel, etc.). There is no possible risk of allergy in full porcelains.


The amplified by compressing machines to obtain special porcelain. In particular the front teeth, due to the very good light permeability is preferred. Dayan?l?kl? against the forces of chewing is not enough for the rear zone.


In this system a metal structure with the zirconium alloy is used instead of a white color. The biggest advantage of the system, reaches a very high level of durability, the bridges on the back to provide a fully aesthetic appearance.

Full Dentures

What is Full Denture?

Full Dentures In Istanbul TurkeyApplied to patients with a prosthetic teeth are all kind of lost. At the first appointment with measuring intake of total prosthesis 4-5 sessions and is delivered as a result of an operation which lasted 1 week.

Certain regions in the first few weeks due to prosthetic vuruklar? your doctor has you off, hurt, and they need harmonizing. Avoid hard foods during the first days of the prosthesis is inserted and a small meal eaten lokmalarla. Dentures should be removed and the mouth after each meal and at bedtime should be cleaned with water and a toothbrush.

Abrasives and chemicals used during cleaning.


Partial Denture
What is a Partial Denture?

Lost a portion of a removable denture teeth stuck in the kind of patients. The existing teeth in the mouth hooks (hook) clings through. The grippers should be in equilibrium on both sides of the jaw, so the upper jaw and lower jaw palate behind the front teeth, binding the two sides of the main parts. Measuring intake and first appointment 1-2 weeks with 4-5 sessions a total prosthesis is delivered as a result of a transaction. Protection of existing teeth and mouth hygiene is of great importance in order to use the prosthesis for a long time. Dentures clinging to the teeth or the belief that the wear of the teeth is not right hooks. Good oral health is created, depending on the prosthesis can be eliminated by the accumulation zones. Existing dentures in the mouth before the teeth are removed from the mouth after meals and after brushing dentures should be cleaned with a brush and water. Unless otherwise instructed by the physician in this prosthesis should be removed by mouth at bedtime.

Fillings (Conservative Treatment)

Fillings in Istanbul TurkeyConsisting of the outer layer of tooth enamel or dentine caries, such as making early treatment aimed at preserving the vitality of the teeth, thus stopping the advancement of caries branch of dentistry.

What do cause tooth decay?

Caries, affecting many people at different levels must at some time in their lives, preventable disease with a minor. The food we eat (sugar, flour, starchy foods, milk, fruit juices, cola drinks, fruit and vegetables, etc.) on the amount consumed is no longer leave our teeth. Residues, especially starchy and sugary foods are converted to acid by bacteria found naturally in our mouths. Covering the outer surface of the tooth over time, this acid dissolves the protective layer of enamel (demineralization) is the cause of tooth decay, and to weaken

  • Tooth decay is the main three factors:
  • Plaque (also known as dental plaque),
  • Carbohydrate foods (sugar, flour ... etc),
  • Structural factors (the structure of the tooth. Saliva composition ... etc)
  • Dental health is stable if the change for a person to one of these factors, decay occurs.

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Tanfer Clinic Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

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Our Medical Staff


Dr. Nihat Tanfer, born in Ankara in 1951, is the only child of descendant otorhinolaryngologist Operator Dr. M.Nedret Tanfer and Handan Tanfer. He completed his primary and secondary education in ?stanbul I??k High School and graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 1974. Entering upon a career as a doctoral student is tooth, jaw diseases and surgery in 1975, he completed his studies as Dr. Med. Dent. with a high level in 1981. He founded plastic oral surgery center in 1981 after resigning from the university because of the law of the high education board. He worked in implantation professorship with Prof. Tramonte in Milano between the years of 1985-90. Dr. Nihat Tanfer, founding dental policlinic of International Hospital in 1989, had worked as the head of dentistry department of the hospital for 5 years.

Dr. Nihat Tanfer was selected as honorary member by the Accademia Italiana Degli Implianti(A.I.D.I) for his overachievements in the field of implantation.

He performed his studies with Prof. Mörmann about Cerec in Zurich in 1990.

Plastic Oral Surgery Center still services under the name of Tanfer Mouth and Dental Health Policlinic.


Tanfer Clinic Dentists

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Why Choose Us?

  • The patients requesting to come to our clinic is responded by our expert doctors with the proposed treatment plan after sending their panoramic x-ray via e-mail or cargo.
  • Treatment plan includes average treatment duration and treatment costs.
  • Upon special request, airline ticket, airport transfer and hotel reservations can be organised with international standards by our experts.
  • We provide boutique service, Dr.Nihat Tanfer takes care of his patients one-to one.
  • We implement latest world wide dental technics initially in Our Clinic.
  • We offer competible prices with high level of International service quality. Has adapted world class hygiene and quality standards, Our Clinic is certified by BVQI.


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