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Competitive Dental Work Cost in Istanbul Turkey by Tanfer Clinic

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Rumeli Cad. Ogan Apt. No: 16 Kat : 3 D:6 Nisantas?-Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Price Range: $40 - $9829
Associated Center: Tanfer Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey
Specialty: Dentistry

About Tanfer Clinic

  Welcome to Tanfer Clinic   Tanfer Clinic is led by the dental surgery expert  Dr. Nihat Tanfer and his team. Our clinic is located in Nisantasi, Istanbul, since 1985. We specialize in Implants Treatment, Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, Box Technique (Biogeneration), Dental Cosmetics, Teeth Whitening  and Pediatric Dentistry.   Why Choose Us? Our clinic has adopted world class hygiene and sense of quality. International quality and standard documents taken from BVQI is the sharpest indication of them. The patients will be cared by our expert doctors. Treatment plan includes average treatment duration and treatment costs. Laboratory processes has been performed as an inhouse operation in our clinic with ISO 9001 quality certificate. So dental prothesis can be provided within short deadlines Our clinic is located at the center of the city so you will also have an opprtunity to enjoy your holiday in Istanbu

Tanfer Clinic Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
Panoramic X Ray Medical examination-Panoramic x-ray $40
Dental Fillings CompositeFilling (onesided) (chemical- lighted): $61/CompositeFilling (two sided) (chemical- lighted): $78 Composite Filling (three sided) (chemical- lighted): $83 $61
Root Canal Root canal treatment - Single-channel (without padding)- $78 / Root Canal Treatment - Two canals (filling excluded) - $138 / Root Canal Treatment - Three canals (filling excluded) - $205 $78
Dentures Full Prosthesis (acryliconejaw) - 1,279 / Full Prosthesis (porcelain  one jaw) - $1,325 / Full Prosthesis (porcelainonejaw) - $1,279 $1279
Maxillofacial Surgery DeepCurettage (1/4jaw) - $158 / Surgical Curettage - $564 $158
Flap Operation FlapOperation (1/4jaw) - $415 $415
Tooth Extraction Tooth Extraction - $44 / Complicated tooth extraction - $72 $44
Dental Crowns Metal Veneer Crown - $205 / Zirconia Crowns Veneer - $327 / Laminate veneer crowns (ceramic) - $388 $205
Gingivectomy Gingivektomy (1/4 maxillofacial) - $420 $420
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Impacted tooth surgery - $360 / Impacted tooth surgery (bone retention) - $642 / Impacted canine dental surgery - $1,279 $360
Apex Resection Root Tip Resection one root (canal treatment and filling excluded) - $429 /  two roots $490 $429
Cyst removal Cyst Operation (small) - $814/ Cyst Operation (big) - $3,195 $814
Dental Implants Implant - $604 $604
Teeth Whitening Tooth Bleaching (bleaching lower-upper jaw) - $282 $282
Dental Crowns Porcelain crown  $442
Dental Crowns Inceram Dental Crown   $379
Box Technique Jaw Restoration Box Technique Jaw Restoration $9829
Sinus Lifting Sinus Lifting - $813 / Sinus Plasty - $1,512 $813
Maxillofacial Surgery Surgical Curettage - € 450  ($ 551) / Impacted tooth surgery - € 95 ($116) / Impacted tooth surgery (bone retention) - € 135/ $165 $551
Deep Cleaning Detertrage $94
Flap with Root Resection Root Tip Resection one root(canal treatment and filling excluded) - $404 / Root Tip Resection two roots (canal treatment and filling excluded) - $498 $404

Tanfer Clinic Reviews

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    Dental Implants in Turkey are performed by abiding to the highest standards and using advanced technology.

    Tanfer Clinic is among the top dentistry clinics in Turkey where implantology experts put the smile back on your face.

    See these before and after dental implant images from the clinic.

    Dec 24 2021
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    Great experience with Tanfer Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

    Dec 28 2021
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    Arthur W

    I just had treatment done at the Tanfer Clinic in Istanbul and it went great. All 28 of my teeth where replaced, to my surprise Dr. Tanfer was able to make it a painless procedure.

    Everything worked out well from the airport pick up , to the hotel. All eight of my appointments where on schedule. I didn’t think it would be so easy. Special thanks to the Tanfer Clinic staff on their service and hospitality.

    Nov 22 2012