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Dr. David Carbajal General Dental Surgeon Tijuana, Mexico

About - Dr. David Carbajal

Shortly after graduating in 2004 Dr. David Carbajal became a member of the Mexican Association of Oral Health (Mexico City), where he participated for a year in social service providing general dental services (Preventive Dentistry, Operative Dentistry, Exodontics) for patients of all ages in an outreach program. 

Dr. David's passion for his work led him to an unusual yet fulfilling experience during 2005-2006 when he participated in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto film production in Veracruz Mexico, providing professional assistance and fabricating prosthetics for the character’s special effects teeth in the production’s make up lab.

During the next years (2005-2008) he worked in one of the most prestigious areas in Mexico City at the Masaryk Dental Clinic where he gained valuable experience in all fields of Dentistry.

In 2009, Dr David attended an advanced course in Implant Dentistry in Mexico City where he received theoretical and hands on training both at BTI and at the Intercontinental University.

During 2010 he completed a thesis in "Metal-free Porcelain Restorations" (Cosmetic Dentistry) allowing him to obtain his formal title of DDS in Mexico.

Education - Dr. David Carbajal

1999-2004: Intercontinental University (Universidad Intercontinental)in Mexico City

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