Surgeon Dr. Mehmet Baz, Specialist in ENT - Izmir, Turkey

8019/16 sokak No:4 Cigli, Izmir, Turkey Izmir, Turkey
Associated Center: Ekol Hospitals
Speciality: Specialist in ENT
Languages: English, Turkish
Degree: Specialist in ENT
Focus Area: Surgeon Dr. Mehmet Baz | Ear Nose Throat Tumors | Head and Neck Tumors | Salivary Gland Surgery |Mouth, Tongue and Throat Cancers | Vocal Cord Surgery | Maxillofacial Trauma | Ekol Hospital | Izmir, Turkey

About - Surgeon Dr. Mehmet Baz

Professional experience:

  • Surgeon Dr. Mehmet Baz has served as deputy chief physician at Izmir Karsiyaka State Hospital.
  • Earned a degree from the Management of Health Institutions Program at Istanbul Technical University (ITU). He is currently studying at Gediz University Business Faculty for his master degree in business.
  • Is a member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and the vice president of Turkisitder (Hearing Instruments Importers Association of Turkey).
  • Founded Duymer Hearing Centers in 1998. Currently, there are 19 hearing centers owned by him in 14 cities of Turkey.
  • Attended the conferences on hearing loss, which were organized by EUHA (European Union of Hearing and Acoustic) in Leipzig, Frankfurt, and Nurnberg, Germany.
  • Completed a seminar on endoscopic sinus surgery at Graz University in Australia under the supervision of Prof. Dr. H.Stammberger who is one of the founders of endoscopic sinus surgery.
  • Studied on esthetic nose surgery under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Gilbert TRENITE at Holland Amsterdam University, which is one of the most influential universities in Europe.
  • His research interests include hearing loss, endoscopic sinus surgery, and esthetic nose surgery.


Graduated Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty and completed his specialization in Ear Nose Throat in 1989.


Founded Ekol Ear Nose Throat Hospital in Izmir in 2007.


Ekol Hospitals Treatment Prices in Izmir TurkeyPricesEnquire
Eyelid Surgery in Izmir, Turkey$2039Enquire
Face Lift in Izmir, Turkey$2719Enquire
Liposuction in Izmir, Turkey$2719Enquire
Vaginoplasty in Izmir, Turkey$2719Enquire
Nose Surgery Rhinoplasty in Izmir, Turkey$2719Enquire
Ear Surgery in Izmir, Turkey$2040Enquire
Follicular Unit Transplantation FUT in Izmir, Turkey$3400Enquire
Breast Augmentation in Izmir, Turkey$2719Enquire
Cataract Surgery in Izmir, Turkey$2040Enquire
Tummy Tuck Surgery in Izmir, Turkey$3400Enquire

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