Dr Anushka Reddy

Dr Anushka Reddy, Dermatologist

Johannesburg , South Africa

Building 3, Suite 1, Ruimsig Office Estate Corner, Peter & Hole-in-one Road, Ruimsig

Speciality: Dermatologist

Languages: English

Degree: Dermatologist

About - Dr Anushka Reddy

President of SA Association of Cosmetic Doctors and Scientific Director of the Cosmetic Medicine Congress of SA

Anushka Reddy is a GP with a special interest in cosmetic dermatology and advanced aesthetics. Today, she satisfies her constant need to learn by helping patients with their skin concerns along with attending regular cosmetic dermatology conferences to keep abreast of the latest in dermatological breakthroughs.

Dr Reddy is an approved trainer for Restylane and Botulinum Toxin treatments and is now actively involved in teaching as well. She now divides her time between her medical practice, teaching and training doctors in aesthetics and giving talks at conferences. Frequently called upon by the media to comment on current affairs and issues in aesthetics she is a published author in consumer publications such as Longevity, women&home, Health intelligence, Fair lady and The Star newspaper and many more.

Education - Dr Anushka Reddy

Dr Anushka Reddy graduated from Wits University in South Africa in 1997

Costs of Skin Care procedures in South Africa



Dermabrasion in Bellville, South Africa$45Enquire
Dermabrasion in Benoni, South Africa$37Enquire
Laser Skin Resurfacing in Cape Town, South Africa$32 - $542Enquire
Laser Skin Resurfacing in Gauteng, South Africa$23 - $48Enquire
Laser Skin Resurfacing in Johannesburg, South Africa$52 - $1395Enquire
Dermabrasion in Pretoria, South Africa$23 - $215Enquire
Laser Skin Resurfacing in Sandton, South Africa$130 - $473Enquire
Cellulite Removal in Somerset West, South Africa$193Enquire

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