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Skin Damaged Treatment Program by Mediland clinic in Ukraine, Poland, Austria

Package price starting from: $2800
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Ukraine, Kiev , Rostislavskaya 11-B Kyiv , Ukraine
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Skin Damaged Treatment Program in Ukraine, Poland, Austria

Mediland clinic , Ukraine, Kyiv and representative offices in Poland ( Katowice), Austria ( Vienna) are  specialized on the different programes for skin treatment and rejuvenation. All our protocols have the success rate of 100% for any skin conditions, such as:

  • damaged skin after laser, retonol, agresive peeling, other cosmetical procedures
  • acne and complications
  • rosacea, seborea, allergy
  • different kinds of scars ( atrophic, hypertrophic, killoid)
  • psoriasis of different location ( head, body)
  • some forms of vitiligo, melanosis
  • non- healing wounds ( icluding diabetic foot)
  • rejuvenation of skin ( elimination of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, improving skin color, skin hydration, skin lifting)

skin rejuvenation


Every day we have patients with different skin conditions from all over the world. Patients who suffered from pain, burning, flashing, hyper sensitivity, skin surface  deformation, changes of skin quality for a long years without any success. And only in our clinic they solved their problems and started to injoy the skin.

Ussually the skin treatment program consists of :

  • Bioreparation ( stabilize the PH of skin , add growth factors, special proteins and mocro=macro elements)
  • Injections of  exosomes for deep skin regeneration
  • PRP or polynucleotides
  • fibroblasts or mesenchymal stem cells from umbillucal cord, or neural crest stem cells

Sometimes for skin antiaging we can add microneedling procedures for better skin lifting ( depends from the age of the patients)

In most of cases  the patients recive the result of treatment after 1 visit to our clinic!

The cost of skin damaged  treatment program starts from $2.800 ( depends from the skin problem and current complications). Ussually the patient needs only one day to receive full treatment.

We are ready to help everyone who has skin problems or just want to have young and healthy skin.

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