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Dr. Srinivasan Kandasamy Cardiologist Dubai, UAE

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Peripheral Interventions
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Radial Interventions
Left Main Stenting
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Education - Dr. Srinivasan Kandasamy

Dr. Srinivasan completed his MD in Internal Medicine from Prestigious Madras Medical College & DNB in Cardiology from Madras Medical Mission.<br>Areas of expertise: Cardiac Interventions including Coronary Angioplasty  Primary & Peripheral interventions, Permanent Pacemaker Implantations, Device Closures, Coil Remobilization and Balloon Valvuloplasty (Mitral & Pulmonary).<br>He has extensive experience in Cardiology Post Graduate teaching Programmes, monitors non interventional cardiac procedures like TMT, Stress ECHO, Holter & TEE etc.<br>Dr. Srinivasan served as Asst. Professor of Medicine in Vinayaka Hi-tech Hospital and Asst. Professor of Cardiology in NRI Medical College & General Hospital.

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