Dr. Rajalakshmi Srinivasan | Gynecologist | Dubai | UAE

Dr. Rajalakshmi Srinivasan Gynecologist Dubai, UAE

About - Dr. Rajalakshmi Srinivasan

Laparoscopic surgery
High risk pregnancy

Education - Dr. Rajalakshmi Srinivasan

Dr. Rajalakshmi has over 22 years of experience as an Assistant Consultant and Clinical Associate , working at the Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai. She has also worked at the Apollo Hospital & Sri Ramachandra Medical College Chennai as an Assistant Professor.
During her professional career she has gathered vast experience in Abdominal / Vaginal Hysterectomies, Gynaecological Onco-surgery, Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopy Surgeries, Normal/ Instrumental Deliveries, Caesarean Sections and Colposcopy

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