Vladimir Shabliy

Lyubomir Husar Ave (Cosmonaut Komarov), 3 Kyiv, Ukraine, 03126 Kiev, Ukraine
Associated Center: Institute of Cell Therapy
Focus Area: Vladimir Shabliy | Kiev | Ukraine |

About - Vladimir Shabliy


Ph.D., Biology, Deputy Director of Cryobank, Head of Placenta Stem Cell Laboratory

The main areas of work are control and administration of all Cryobank units, production processes, and quality control of preparations, development of new approaches, methods for the isolation, cultivation, freezing, testing, and cryopreservation of cell-based preparations. He regularly participates in international scientific conferences. He has been working at the Institute of Cell Therapy since 2016.



  • Biologist
  • Ph. D. Biology (Biotechnology)


  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


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Institute of Cell Therapy reviews

  • Gharib

    This is the clinic where Mansour Al-Raqeeba is treated. May God heal and restore every patient

    Google Jun 08 2021
  • Faleh

    I want take appointment with Arabic language

    Google Jun 24 2021
  • Nayef

    my experience
    And watch fun from Snapchat, Mansour Al-Ruqaiba

    Google Jul 15 2021
  • Jack

    Excellent service!

    Google Nov 25 2021
  • Maria

    Our child is already 7 years old. In 2013, we entered into an agreement with your institute on the advice of the Nadiya clinic. We save umbilical cord blood and the placenta. Paid storage immediately for 20 years. Tell me, please, how can I now use the placenta for the purpose of healing directly in your clinic? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Google Mar 28 2021

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