Dr. Iustin Preoteasa, Regenerative Medicine - Targoviste, Romania

Carol I Boulevard, no. 31 Targoviste, Romania
Speciality: Regenerative Medicine
Languages: English,Spanish,French
Degree: Specialist
Focus Area: Dr Iustin Preoteasa | Targoviste | Romania | Alpha Medica

About - Dr. Iustin Preoteasa

Dr. Iustin Preoteasa


Founder of Alpha Medica, competence in Hyperbaric and Intravenous Oxygen Therapies, Laser Photobiomodulation and Regenerative Cell Practitioner

“Regenerative Medicine, Lasers and Stem Cells: New Developments, Current Studies and Practical Applications in different medical fields.”


Alpha Medica is an Eastern European Regenerative Medical Center. With almost 5 years of experience into stem cells therapies and regenerative medicine, we have been focusing our resources into offering an integrated approach for different kinds of conditions.

Our team is specialized into using the most innovative autologous Stem Cells therapies using Bone Marrow and Adipose Derived Stem Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma or Autologus Cytokine Rich Serums, used to regenerate and repair tissues.

What is more, based on the extended experience of our multidisciplinary medical team, our patients benefit from a wide range of complementary treatments, such as Low Level laser and Photodynamic therapies, Hyperbaric and Intravenous oxygen therapies, Nutraceuticals, Exosomes therapies, Face & Body Care & SPA, personalized skin care products, followed by liposomal supplementation packages.


Sharing the experience of 5 years of practice in Regenerative Cell Therapies and Complementary Treatments for:

  • Musculo-Skeletal conditions
  • Neuro and Autoimmune disorders
  • Circulatory conditions
  • Beauty and Aging processes
  • Biological Dentistry


Increasing the awareness regarding the benefits of using Regenerative Applications in different medical fields.


Stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, adipose derived stem cells, PRP, ACRS, LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy), Photobiomodulation, Intravenous Oxygen Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Exosomes, Nutraceuticals.

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Experience and Certification:

  • Oxygen therapy specialist
  • Low level laser and PDT therapy specialist
  • Speaker for international congresses, national TV experience

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  • Member of ISLA Germany
  • Member of the International Society for Intravenous Oxygen Therapy

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    Alexandra A

    A wonderful experience in the clinic, very involved people and most importantly, professionalism! Thank you Florina for the advice and guidance, I will definitely be back!

    Jul 31 2023
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    A clinic that I recommend with pleasure. Qualified staff and friendly staff.
    I have been attending it for a week and I am feeling better and better

    Google Dec 06 2019
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    Ion M

    An exceptional clinic, with the right staff. I was pleasantly impressed to see the care with which each patient is treated. Professionalism, quality services and treatments that bear fruit. I strongly recommend the Alpha Medica Clinic.

    Google Nov 28 2021
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    exceptional therapies!

    Google Dec 09 2021
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    Absolute professionalism!

    Google Dec 09 2022
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    A pleasant and nice experience I have had at this clinic whenever I have been there. Today I had another pleasant experience. I thank Dr. Uzdriș, who was very kind to me and explained everything to me step by step, and I also thank Izabela, a wonderful young woman.

    Google Dec 16 2022

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