Dental Tourism in Romania

Dental Tourism in Romania

Why Travel to Romania for Dental Care?

Dental care is an essential part of our general health. But it can sometimes be costly to fix your teeth, especially if you live in North America, Australia, or some European countries. Therefore, getting dental procedure in a less developed country is worth your trip. Today, we explore Dental Work in Romania as an affordable, safe, and quality option.

Why Romania, you may ask. Because the country offers a wide range of dental services to international patients at high-tech facilities. Dental work in Romania will help you stay within your budget even when you pay for travel and hotel stays.

Since some treatments take several days, you could spend your free time between dentist visits enjoying a vacation in Romania. You want to know what to expect if you opt for dental treatment in Romania, so we have included a summary of this guide below.

Clinic: Bucharest British Dental Place and DENTOCLINIC

Procedure: Dental Work

Dental Implants Cost in Romania: $410

Cost in Other Countries: From $2,750

Top Tourist Places: The Danube Delta, Bran Castle, Palace of Parliament, and others.

Cost of Dental Work in Romania

The cost of dental care in Romania is the main factor why international patients come here. You can save between 40-80% on dental costs in Romania compared to the US, UK, and Germany.

In the United States, dental implants cost around $3,500 and in Germany over $2,750 per tooth. In Romanian clinics, a single tooth implant will cost you only $410 on average. Keep in mind that private clinics in Romania offer the same high-quality dental procedures as developed-country clinics.

Getting your teeth fixed in Romania can help you save more than half the costs back home. To compare how much dental work in Romania costs vs other countries, see the table below: 

Dentistry Centers Cost Comparison in Romania

Provider Procedure Price
Bucharest British Dental Place Dental Implants, Dentistry $412
Bucharest British Dental Place Dental Crowns, Dentistry $412
Bucharest British Dental Place Dental Veneers, Dentistry $412
DENTOCLINIC Root Canal, Dentistry $75
DENTOCLINIC Dentures, Dentistry $430
DENTOCLINIC Dental Braces Abroad, Dentistry $626
Dentistry Cost Comparison in Romania
Country Procedure Price
Germany Dental Implants, Dentistry $2750
United Kingdom Dental Crowns, Dentistry $850
United States Dental Implants, Dentistry $3500
United Kingdom Dental Veneers, Dentistry $600
United Kingdom Dentures, Dentistry $1900

State-of-the-art Clinics in Romania

As a part of the European Union, Romania invests in its healthcare system and clinics infrastructure which attracts thousands of medical tourists. Dentists in Romania have undergone sufficient training and are proud members of prestigious dental institutions locally and abroad.

Dental clincis in Romania we present to you below is run by a team of medical specialists dedicated to providing high-standard dental services to foreign patients.

The technology these clinics use is up to date and includes 3D Diagnostics, CEREC restorations, and CAD/CAM among many others. You'll find other facilities, former patients reviews, and top dentists who work in these clincis in more detail below.

Top Center

Bucharest British Dental Place

Official Dental Provider to The British Embassy and all British Government employees. Awarded No.1 Clinic in Romania, Top 1% of 130k clinics Worldwide by Global Clinic Rating - April 2017. World Class Dentistry in the heart of Bucharest - British/Romanian staff & extended patient care. State of the art clinic using the latest technology 3 surgeries, 10 specialists, UK trained dentists

Top Center

ProDent dental clinic

ProDent, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is a top dental clinic dedicated to providing exceptional dental care services and aesthetic facial treatments. Non-Toxic materials, experienced doctors, grea

Top Center

Clinica Implant Eladent

Dental implantology is an important section of dental treatment that requires to be done by experts in this field. Clinica Implant Eladent, Bucharest, Romania, brings you the easiest and effective dental implantology along with other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Top Center

Aesthetic Dental Care

Aesthetic Dental Care is a leading dentistry service provider in Bucharest, Romania. They provide affordable dental care services such as Dental Implants, Periodontics, Orthodontis, Endodontics

Top Center


Dentoclinic provides top quality Dental Treatment in Bucharest Romania. Book online now Dental Implant, Braces, and Whitening at PlacidWay.

Romania Dental Reviews

  • User Profile Image


    Quality services, a very well prepared team, and the clinic is equipped with the latest equipment !!! I will gladly return! Thank you to everyone who took care of me, especially Dr. Radu Paranici!

    Patient was treated by Bucharest British Dental Place Oct 29, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    High quality. Very profesional. Very recommended.

    Patient was treated by ProDent dental clinic Nov 01, 2022
  • User Profile Image


    I really like it. I recommend you go to Mrs. Mariana ️is Wonderful.

    Patient was treated by Clinica Implant Eladent Dec 02, 2021
  • User Profile Image

    Messias Moretto

    Great place with excellent service and very competitive prices. This clinic is a family-owned clinic with several experts in different areas. My wife was told in France she needed 4 ceramic crowns and then in Rosetti they did tons of exams on her and honestly found out that she only needed one root canal, one crown and a professional cleaning. It took her one week to get everything done and she was serviced by 4 different dentists. The owner helped her with the x-ray booking, speed up the services as much as possible and even gave us restaurant recommendation. I couldn't recommend more their services. It was absolutely amazing and professional work! On top of that, we paid way less than we would in France, including flight, hotels, food and tours around Bucharest. We already lived in Brazil and in Asia and we never found such a quality and careful dentist work. Can't recommend more! Well done.

    Patient was treated by DENTOCLINIC Jan 19, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    A special clinic with prompt services and exceptional staff. A pleasant experience that can mark you positively in many ways. Following a first visit, followed by 3 other appointments, I benefited from excellent services and a work with a technique carried out to perfection

    Patient was treated by Clinica Implant Eladent Aug 17, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    Very happy with it. Minimal discomfort for what I expected to be a very unpleasant intervention. Intend to be a long term client

    Patient was treated by Clinica Implant Eladent Aug 19, 2021

FAQ for Dental in Romania

If you want to learn more about affordable dental prices in Romania, read the following FAQs.

What is the Average Price of Dental Veneers in Bucharest, Romania?

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Dental Veneers Cost in Bucharest, Romania Dental veneers are an efficient and appreciated aesthetic dental solution, able to completely transform and improve the patient’s smile. They’re made of materials that look just like the natural teeth. Dentists use them to correct various aesthetic imperfections such as tooth shade or shape. The procedure allows the patients to choose any shade of white, regardless of their natural tooth color. Dental veneers are recommended to people with unaesthetic dental gaps, stained teeth, dental traumas, asymmetrical teeth or dental crowding. The average price for Dental Veneers in Bucharest, Romania is $370. The final price will be established after the surgeon will examine you and will determine exactly what type of procedure you need, how long the procedure will take and what implant materials and medical equipment will be used. The price will also depend on the clinic and the surgeon’s experience that you will choose. Factors that Affect the Price of Dental Veneers in Bucharest, Romania You can reach Bucharest, Romania to get the Dental Veneers treatment conveniently. Before you plan to travel to this nation, you should be aware of the factors that can affect the package price. Have a look at the factors that can affect the overall cost of the treatment. Number of tooth requiring veneer Material chosen for veneers (the radiance and quality of the veneers depends of the materials used) Age of the patient and his/her jaw flexibility Experience and qualification of the dentist What should be expected from the Dental Veneers procedure in Bucharest, Romania? Romania has become the home of a number of world-class healthcare institutions offering the Dental Veneers procedure at affordable price. Here, you can receive the Dental Veneers procedure through highly experienced cosmetologists and supporting medical staff. How Much You Can Save by Receiving Dental Veneers Treatment in Bucharest, Romania? The average price for Dental Veneers in most of the leading countries may range between $500and $1,500 approximately. However, you can receive the same treatment here in Bucharest, Romania at around $370. So, you can save more than $1,000 by choosing Bucharest in Romania as your preferred medical tourism destination for the Dental Veneers procedure. Approximate Cost of Dentistry Variations in Bucharest, Romania Teeth Whitening $260 Dental Crowns $320 Other Costs to Consider If you are preparing for the overall expense of the Dental Veneers treatment in Bucharest, Romania, you have to consider some other associated expenses as well. These expenses are: Hotels and accommodation Food and drinks during stay Airfare and transport Travel Insurance These are the estimated costs and you should not grant it as the final cost of the Dental Veneers treatment in Bucharest, Romania. However, you can always ask for the free quotes and check how much you can save by going to Bucharest, Romania for the Dental Veneers.

How much does Dental Implants Cost in Arad, Romania?

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Dental Implants Cost in Arad vary depending on different factors, but the average price is around $620. The factors that can affect Dental Implants final cost are  Your health condition, Type of materials used, A number of visits needed until the treatment are complete, The equipment used and The clinic you choose. For Dental Implants each patient needs to be treated with care and attention, with a treatment plan developed according to his/her needs and budget. In Arad you can find cutting-edge technology, excellent dental treatments, and highly professional teams of experts. The Dental Implants packages offered in Arad, Romania offer patients many benefits besides the treatment, such as airport pick up, hotel transfer, consultation and case manager assistance among others. Not taking care of your dental problems can lead to tooth loss and serious health issues. When you choose a dental clinic in Arad, Romania makes sure that the facility can address your specific needs. Some procedures require besides a steady hand of the dentist, years of expertise and training and specialized equipment. Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Dental Implants in Arad There are several questions that you can ask your dentist before making your choice. The answers will help you figure out if a dentist is the right dental expert for you. How many years of experience do you have performing Dentistry? How often have you performed Dental Implants? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dental Implants? What about the risks and complications? Are you certified? Are you a member of any Dentistry association or society? What if something goes wrong during Dental Implants procedure? What if I am not happy with Dental Implants results? Romania is a well-known tourist and medical destination in the world. International travelers take advantage of the historic touristic attractions that they can explore, as well as the medical expertise in the area. Dental care in Romania is one of the best and safest, especially in cities such as Arad.   Find out more about the best dentists in Arad, Romania! Contact us and choose the best dental specialist!

Best Dentists in Romania

The work of a Romanian dentist can be compared to the UK or US dentist. Since Romania dentist must finish medicine school to begin working, the best dentists choose to undergo extensive training abroad. They are also members of prestigious international institutions which brings trust in patients opting for a specific procedure.

Another factor you should consider when finding the right dentist in Romania are reviews of previous patients. But worry not, because our placidWay team will help you choose the best Romanian dentist for your desired dental goal.

Therefore, contact our team to know more.

Dental Tourism in Romania - Best Things to do

Romania is famous for its breathtaking mountains, stunning architecture, and magnificent castles among which Bran's or Dracula's castle is the most famous. You can do a lot in this country between your dental appointments.

Explore the wilderness in the Carpathian-Mountain-Chain of Romania, numerous national parks, or UNESCO world heritage sites.

Here are some interesting must-see tourist places in Romania:

Wooden Churches of Maramures

The Danube Delta

Sucevita Monastery

Transylvanian Alps

Peles Castle

Palace of Parliament

Sighisoara Historic Center

Bran Castle

Bran Castle Transilvania

Bran Castle Transilvania

Bucharest Parliament Romania

Bucharest Parliament

Bucharest Romania

Bucharest, Romania

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