Orthopedic Innovations - Fit Knee Replacement Surgery Introduced

India Infoline News Service | 2011-04-06

This technology ensures far greater accuracy and reduces the operation time by almost 40 per cent and also results in less loss of bone and tissues.

For people with active lifestyles, chronic arthritis and knee replacement could really tie them down. But there’s hope as doctors have started using new breakthroughs - Oxinium knee implants and Visionaire custom-fit knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Alfred J. Tria, hip & knee arthroplasty specialist who has authored 9 textbooks on knee (Chief, Orthopedic Surgery, St. Peter's University Hospital & Professor, Orthopedic Surgery, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School New Jersey, U.S.A.) along with Dr. S.K.S. Marya, Chairman & Chief Surgeon, Max Institute of Orthopedics & Joint Replacement, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, New Delhi today introduced two orthopedic innovations – Oxinium knee implants and Visionaire custom-fit knee replacement surgery to young orthopedic surgeons in the city.

Traditional knee implants – made of a metallic alloy, cobalt chrome, or of stainless steel – wear out in about 15 years, while the new Oxinium implants last up to 30 years. Oxinium is an alloy of Zirconium that has been processed to absorb oxygen so that there is a ceramic layer on the surface. The resulting material incorporates best features of both ceramic and metal, while avoiding disadvantages of both. Doctors say that an Oxinium implant has metal, which makes it unbreakable, and ceramic that makes movement smoother. It is almost 4,900 times more abrasion–resistant than the traditional metal implants.

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